Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

From the good old Blogs to Instagram Reels, digital marketing has come a long way. While blogs and websites still form the fundamentals of digital marketing, technology has given way to more digital marketing trends that enable businesses to sell their products/services or create a brand reputation. So what’s new in the marketing space and how can you train for digital marketing? Let’s look at the top 5 digital marketing trends in 2022!


What are the basics of Digital Marketing?

For a beginner, it’ll be difficult to understand these digital marketing trends without any prior knowledge about the fundamentals. Digital Marketing is defined as a way of promoting a brand or product/service via different digital marketing channels. 

The basics of digital marketing include- 

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Website Design and Development 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Copywriting 
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Paid Advertising 
  • Media Planning 

These digital marketing basics were developed over the years and have now become the integral parts of a brand’s marketing strategy. 


Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

With the technology, innovation, and marketing genius of brands, 2022’s marketing revolution includes the following 5 digital marketing trends- 

1. Video Marketing 

Video Marketing is truly the biggest trend of digital marketing in 2022. The introduction of short-form video content which catches the attention of users and delivers the brand information in just 60 seconds has become one of the highly engaging forms of content. Users are shifting towards visuals and infographics more than written content. And this argument is supported by valid video marketing statistics- 

  • Sponsored video content receives 3 times more comments than a sponsored image on Instagram. 
  • Youtube is the second-most visited website on the internet and people above the age of 18 spend more than 41 minutes on a daily average on the platform. 
  • Advertising on Facebook is more than 50% cheaper than advertising on television and also reaches a larger audience than television.

If every brand is including video content in their marketing strategy, then it is surely a big deal.


2. Voice Search Optimization

Alexa, Google, and other such voice assistants have introduced the world to a newer type of search, voice search. If someone is using voice search, their intent is clearly higher. With voice search, you can reach the target audience that is in the ‘desire’ stage and is specifically requesting information about your niche. 

Even if it is in the development stage, voice search optimization holds the capacity of replacing a part of search queries on Google. 


3. Remarketing 

Has an ad ever followed you for a few days after you clicked on it on Instagram or Facebook? That is exactly what remarketing is.

Remarketing is a technique for retargeting website/social media visitors or engaging with previous customers.

This is done to convert visitors into customers by giving them a push/incentive. As a result, they continue to make sales from them in order to win their loyalty and retain them.
Among the remarketing channels are Google, Microsoft & Bing, as well as Facebook, Instagram, emails, WhatsApp & SMS messages. Once brands understood the importance and the level of remarketing that is safe, they took advantage and are seeing effective results from such campaigns. 


4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing combines new and old marketing techniques. With Influencer Marketing, celebrity endorsement is modernized into a content-driven marketing campaign. 

It helps in creating awareness of the product or service within their own target audience or following. It is similar to word-of-mouth marketing. The followers of the opinion leader or influencer potentially trust their judgment or review of the brand’s offerings.

5. Marketing Automation

In the past year, automation has significantly improved the sector and is expected to be one of the biggest developments in digital marketing in 2022. Marketing automation focuses on streamlining and automating processes to make them more efficient, quick, and smooth. 

Lead generation and nurturing will be one of the best uses of marketing automation.

If you are able to drive a lot of traffic to your website but are unable to gather quality leads at the appropriate moment, the traffic is useless. You may link different CRM solutions and lead nurturing software with marketing automation to let you collect leads at any moment of the day and tailor the process.


Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

Just knowing these top digital marketing trends is of no use if you cannot practically understand the fundamentals. Hence, it is suggested that you learn the A-Z of digital marketing before you actually jump to start a digital marketing career. 

There are many free resources available to learn digital marketing but you must invest your time and effort in an advanced post-graduate digital marketing course that helps you get completely trained according to industry standards. 



If these digital marketing trends in 2022 came as a surprise, then you cannot even imagine what’s in store in the future! Hope you enjoyed this insightful blog on digital marketing trends!

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