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[Fixed] Discord awaiting endpoint [ Problem Solved ] | 2021

Discord awaiting endpointDiscord awaiting endpoint

No doubt Discord is one of the most famous instant messaging apps among the gamer community. Though it is easy to use and contains lots of features sometimes using Discord becomes frustrating because time and often it keeps throwing some strange errors. One of the most frustrating error in Discord is Discord awaiting endpoint.

Some other most common discord problem are:

  1. Discord No Route
  2. RTC Connecting Discord
  3. Discord Javascript Error

We have posted the solution for each of the problem mentioned. You can check the solutions to those problem by clicking on them. Today we will be discussing about the Discord awaiting endpoint problem.

What causes Discord awaiting Endpoint?

When you open discord and tried to chat with others you see “Connecting” and is unable to connect to the server. As we know Discord awaiting endpoint error means unable to connect to server, it is obviously that its network or server problem. Some other causes of Discord awaiting endpoint are mentioned below.

  1. Discord server you have connected is down.
  2. There is problem with your internet connection
  3. You have unwanted cache memory.

Solutions for Discord awaiting Endpoint

Now that we know that what causes the awaiting endpoint error lets discuss about the solution. Follow the different solutions for the discord awaiting endpoint problem one by one.

Solution 1 : Wait for it to Resolve

Yes you heard it right, it may sound wired but it can really solve the problem. You may be thinking how can waiting, without doing anything can solve the discord awaiting endpoint problem. As mentioned earlier, endpoint problem is caused mainly because of problem in discord server. So, you just wait for server to backup again and you are good to go.

Sometimes you don’t have to wait for the server to backup as it may take couple of hours as well. If you are in hurry then probably you may have thought of changing the server to solve the issue.

If you are thinking of changing the Discord server, then thats what we will be doing in next method to fix the problem

Solution 2: Change the server location

To provide the service quickly and prevent the overload on the single server many companies has build server all across the globe. Like that Discord also has server in different location. When you connect / open discord it connects you to the nearest server to provide the service quickly and without any lag.

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If the local server of your location is down as a result you are getting discord awaiting endpoint, then you should swap the server with another server to continue using Discord. Once the local server is back online you can shift back to your local server.

To change the Discord server location simply follow the steps:

  1. Obviously first step is opening the Discord. So, open the discord and go to setting at the top left section.

    Discord awaiting endpoint - setting
    Discord awaiting endpoint- setting

  2. Once you have clicked you will see different options. Here, click on the “Server Setting”.

    Discord awaiting endpoint- Server Setting
    Discord awaiting endpoint- Server Setting

  3. Once you are in the server setting you will see something like this:Discord awaiting endpoint- Server Setting
  4. As you can see in the above screenshot, the server region is “US South” (The server region changes as per your location. As mentioned earlier its for providing fast service to you.). Click on the “Change” in “Server Region”.

    Discord awaiting endpoint- Server Change
    Discord awaiting endpoint- Server Change

  5. Once you have clicked “Change”, you will see the different list of Discord Server. Select any of the server which is close to your address.

    Discord awaiting endpoint- Server Lists
    Discord awaiting endpoint- Server Lists

  6. Once you have changed the server it will ask for confirmation. Just confirm the changes and the server is changed.

    Discord awaiting endpoint- Confirmation
    Discord awaiting endpoint- Confirmation

Once you have changed the server you should back to action again and no longer see the annoying “Connecting” in the Discord.

If changing the server doesn’t solve the problem then the problem is with your network we have to check the internet connection. To check it follow the next method.

Solution 3 : Check your Connection

Sometimes the slow internet connection may cause discord awaiting endpoint. So, if even after changing the server doesn’t fix the issue we have to check the internet connection. To check the internet connection we will use the internet speed testing sites like . Follow the steps to check your internet speed.

    1. Open Speed Test site
    2. Then click on “Go” and wait for it to complete the test. Once the test is complete you will see screen like this:

      Discord awaiting endpoint- Speed test
      Discord awaiting endpoint- Speed test

Make sure that internet connection is working fine. If you have problem with the internet connection you can complain it to your internet service provider.

If you internet connection is fine, you changed the server as well and still you are seeing Discord awaiting endpoint, then you can give a try to VPN.

Solution 4:  Use VPN

Sometimes the discord may throw different errors because of IP problem or your Network admin has blocked the discord in your network. To bypass these you can use the VPN.

VPN is the Virtual Private Network which will help you to change your IP address and access the geo-restricted content.

But to note that not all VPN works on Discord. Discord can be used from the VPN which contains the UDP connection. Some of our suggested VPN to use while using Discord are:

  1. Nord VPN
  2. Surfshark VPN
  3. Express VPN
  4. CyberGhost VPN
  5. IpVanish VPN
  6. Private VPN

All of the VPNs mentioned above work absolutely fine with Discord.

Solution 5 :  Last resort – Reinstall 

If doing all of these doesn’t solve the problem then the last resort is uninstall and install the Discord application.

Note: After uninstalling the discord application you have to delete all its cache files i.e the LocalAppData and the AppData.

If you are not sure how to delete them you can check it here.

You can also try changing the DNS and whitelisting the Discord app from your antivirus which we have mentioned in our older post.

If you have done all of the above mentioned steps correctly and completely then Discord awaiting endpoint error should be fixed by now. If you find difficult on any steps then kindly leave a comment below we will try to help you out.

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