Do Cables Lead To Better Network Connectivity?

Infinity Cable Products

All businesses and individuals want to remain connected to the outside world. Whether it is talking to friends across the world or remaining in communication with important clients, having a trusted internet connection is crucial to our daily lives.

Buying trustworthy and reliable mechanisms to boost our network connectivity is a struggle in everyone’s life today. With so many competing options, it is hard to decide which brand is best for our needs. In the world of ethernet cables, WiFi boxes, modems, and routers, choosing an online provider who can provide a reliable connection is a must.

Ethernet cables can fix your internet woes

Ethernet Cables improve our network connectivity by connecting your computer directly to your modem with a cord. Unlike WiFi, a non-tangible technology used by our smartphones and tablets, Ethernet cables are physical items to increase our nearby network connectivity.

Since the Ethernet cables are more reliable and quicker to transmit data than Wifi, using this physical connection to form a bridge between your computer and modem can drastically increase your internet speed. Ethernet speeds can reach upwards of 10 Gbps, while WiFi can only reach 6.9 Gbps at the highest levels.

  • Ethernet cables require a cable to run to your device, keeps you in one location, and provides faster internet.
  • WiFi signals are over the air, allow you to work from anywhere, and are less secure.

Shop Infinity cable products to improve your connectivity

Suppose you need to decide how to boost your network connectivity and shop around for Ethernet cables, WiFi boxes, modems, speaker wires, patch cables, and fiber optic cables. In that case, Infinity Cable Products are the best place to begin.

Infinity Cable Products is a Southern California-based company that is the go-to spot for all of your wire, cable-related, and data communication needs for your business or home use. If you don’t know where to begin, the website even has a separate section to provide information on the best Ethernet cables on the market today.

When shopping for what you need on Infinity Cable Products, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from, such as:

  • Bulk network cables
  • Patch cables
  • Speaker wires
  • Coax
  • Fiber cables
  • Cable connectors
  • Cable management
  • Miscellaneous tools

When looking to improve your network connectivity, beginning in the ‘bulk network cable’ section could be the best starting point. This category includes CAT cables – ranging from Cat5e to Cat8 – and also features unshielded cables, shielded ethernet cables, and outdoor ethernet cables.

Another option when looking online at Infinity Cable Products is shopping for patch cables. Patch cables can help internet connectivity, with this site having options for Cat5e patch cables, Cat6 patch cables, or Cat6A patch cables to suit your individual business needs and internet speed requirements.


Using Infinity Cable Products to shop for items that can improve your network connectivity and internet speed is a reliable way to boost your business’ productivity. With numerous categories of products, like