Do You Need A VCIO & How To Hire The Right One?

All the developments in the tech world are reshaping our lives, both personal and business ones. People all over the world are starting online businesses and cooperating with individuals that they have perhaps never seen in person before, and that is becoming a rather common practice. In short, various different jobs are getting virtualized and you can use that to your advantage. For instance, you might want to consider hiring a virtual CIO, a role that is further explained here.

As mentioned, various different jobs are getting virtualized these days, meaning that your Chief Information Officer (CIO) is not the only person you can hire online. Today, however, we are going to focus specifically on that role, since we don’t really have the time to talk about all the jobs that can be done virtually these days.

If you’re curious about what it is that people can do online these days for you, let me just say that there are very little job positions that cannot be fulfilled through the digital world. As explained, though, we are now going to focus on only one of those, in an effort to help you understand whether you need a virtual CIO in the first place, as well as how to hire the best one for you should you decide to do it. Let us take it one step at a time.

What Is A VCIO?

Before we start digging any deeper into this topic, though, we need to be absolutely sure that you understand what a virtual CIO is to begin with. After all, there would be no point in checking whether you need these professionals and how to hire them if you are still not sure what they can even do for you. So, let us begin with the basics and help you get a better understanding of this particular role.

If you’d like to learn about the benefits of hiring these pros right away, you can read this:

In the simplest words possible, a virtual CIO is a professional who will serve as your Chief Information Officer on a flexible basis. This is a good thing both for you and for the person performing this job, since you can cooperate remotely and expect to get the exact services that you need. These professionals focus mostly on creating strategic IT goals for your specific company, as well as manage your IT budget and your IT strategy with the aim of meeting those goals.

So, as you can see, working with these professionals is absolutely necessary if you are aiming at meeting any kinds of IT goals. And, we all know that information technology is certainly extremely important in this time and age, meaning that you won’t be able to just ignore it. Since ignoring things is not an option, you will definitely benefit from hiring the right professionals to handle all your IT needs and meet the necessary goals.

Do You Need A VCIO?

Now that you know what virtual CIOs can do for you, there is a chance that you are wondering whether hiring them is really necessary. I can understand if you are still not sure of whether this is a good idea, especially if you’ve never worked with remote teams before and if you’ve never outsourced any parts of your business to third parties. You can just decide to take the traditional route and hire a CIO the old-school way.

Well, nobody will stop you from doing that, but here is the thing. It seems that there are far more benefits to hiring a VCIO than to taking the traditional approach. For starters, this can help you save some money, which is definitely important for all the businesses out there, especially those small to medium sized ones.

How can these experts help you save money, though? In short, you can decide to hire a virtual CIO instead of a full-time one, which will definitely cut the costs. Instead of paying a salary to this one person, or perhaps even to an entire IT team, while not being sure that they’ll do a good job for your firm, you’ll simply pay your VCIO for the exact services that they will provide.

In addition to saving money, you’ll also get some peace of mind, knowing that the job will always get done perfectly and on time. If you take the traditional route, you’ll probably spend a lot of time searching for qualified individuals to perform this job. Even then, though, you won’t be able to tell whether they’ll do a perfect job and whether you’ve made the right hiring move until some time has passed. When you outsource, however, you’ll be sure to always get the perfect services.

Apart from all the other things that your VCIO will do for your company, we cannot fail to mention that this expert will also keep your business safe and secure. Cyber security is undeniably an important concept and I am guessing you understand why you need to pay special attention to it. Well, when you hire the perfect virtual CIO, your network will certainly receive the required protection, which is another huge benefit (find more on this page) of hiring these professionals.

How To Hire A VCIO?

If you are now thinking of hiring these professionals and using their services to your advantage, there is probably one thing that’s bothering you. In short, you’re probably not sure how to find and hire the best person for this job. Well, I am here to help you out with that, which is why I’ve decided to give you a few tips and take you through the entire hiring process.

Let me begin by explaining that you can hire these experts through managed services companies. What does this mean precisely, though? Well, in few words, it means that you will have to focus on finding the perfect managed IT services company that will provide you with qualified and skilled VCIOs. So, as you might have understood it all on your own, your attention should be diverted towards finding and choosing the best company to cooperate with in this entire process.

You might, however, be confused about how to find the best company in this process, and that’s perfectly normal. Yet, by taking just a few right steps, you’ll certainly manage to find the best managed partner for your business. You should begin the process by searching for these companies online and opening up their official websites in order to check precisely what it is that they can offer you.

So, after you’ve decided that you need a VCIO, perhaps with the help of or similar sites, you’ll start checking out those sites. In addition to checking the offered services, you should have a look at the experience of the companies you’re considering. Of course, you’ll also have to check their reputation, but you won’t be able to do that through official websites.

Instead, you’ll be able to do this with the help of a few reviews that you’ll find online. Once you find some reputable and experienced candidates, have a few interviews and inquire about the prices. This will help you get the best VCIOs while being careful with your company budget.