Download ad blocker: which one is better?


A current problem for mobile device users is annoying advertising notifications. Sometimes the browser shows marketing links so often that it becomes inconvenient to use it at all. Various blockers can help you to escape this situation, thanks to which you will no longer be distracted by constantly popping up windows, video breaks, and other offers from tricky marketers. Today we will tell you how to get rid of unnecessary content, as well as help you choose and download ad blocker app on smartphone.

Best blockers in 2022 

The Positive Technologies blog informs that in the third quarter of 2020, the percentage of phishing attacks on ad clicks was 67%; in the same quarter of 2021, it rose to 83%. Personal data was stolen in 32% of cases, and bank card data was stolen in 21%. Since the beginning of 2021, user exposure to phishing has increased by 2.2 times, and these numbers are unlikely to decrease in the near future. 

We’ve picked some handy and reliable ad blockers for Android apps. 


The developers of the AWAX blocker have created a multifunctional product for blocking spam and protecting personal data. The service also works perfectly on platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, and iOS (in the Safari browser).

AWAX is a filter between your device and your apps. Its tools effectively block pop-ups, including ads on web resources, mobile games and utilities, and YouTube. It also removes social network widgets and tracking cookies and eliminates annoying banners and videos.

The blocker uses a local VPN connection and filters to reject requests coming to your phone and block potentially dangerous links, banners, and scripts. The application works in background mode without slowing down the loading of pages or affecting the functionality of other programs. Blocking advertising “garbage” substantially saves mobile traffic and battery charge and increases device performance. In order to appreciate the benefits of the application, you only need to download AWAX ad blocker and activate it correctly. With it, you will forget forever what online trackers and phishing attacks are, and you will be calm about the security of personal information.


The AdGuard app is another modern solution for quickly blocking video ads in all web browsers. The program protects the personal data of mobile gadget users and helps control their functions without root rights. A wide range of settings and regular updates of the AdGuard database ensures full ad blocking. With this application, you will spend your mobile traffic only on viewing useful resources without annoying ads.

You can download AdGuard from Google Play, the developer’s website, or the Chrome Web Store. You may need to provide access to personal data to activate the application, but this is just a formality. The developer does not save any information about users.

Adblocker Plus 

The Adblocker Plus application provides fast browsing in all known browsers. Its tools allow you to disable banner ads. You will find step-by-step installation instructions on the developer’s website. After the first launch and performing custom settings, the application goes into background mode and continues to independently disable ads in games and videos, as well as protects against spyware.

Instruction: how to download ad blocker on your phone?

Users can download ad blocker for Android or iOS from Google Play, App Store, the Chrome extension store, or the official developer website. First, use the trial version of the application to evaluate its effectiveness. 

We recommend checking out the step-by-step installation guide before you download the ad blocker to your mobile.

  1. How do I install the blocker for Android

Install the program from Google Play or the company’s website. In the first case, just type “ad blocker” in the search bar. If your gadget does not work with Google services, you can use the second option – download the installation file from the official site. After that, all you need to do is activate the VPN.

 2. Howto download an ad blocker for Safari? 

You can’t use third-party app packages if you need to install an ad blocker on your iOS device. Download an ad blocker for iOS exclusively from the App Store to use the application on your iPhone or iPad. After downloading, you need to go to the Safari browser, click the Content Blockers option and allow the program to work as a VPN service. 


Want to know what is the best ad blocker to download in 2022? Try the most advanced of all, AWAX. You will get rid of tracking and protect your personal data with it. Our instructions will make it easy for you to understand how to install the application. The product was tested and showed good results, so it will be useful and convenient for users. The choice is up to you! 

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