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Dual boot Kali Linux alongside Windows 10

kalikali linux

How to dual boot Kali Linux alongside Windows 10? It can be a challenging task. Our primary focus while dual booting is to keep windows intact. Kali is one of the best platform for hacking and penetration testing.

In this article you will find sequential steps for dual booting Kali alongside your windows. For the task, you have to follow following steps:

First of all, it is suggested to back up your data to stay on the safe side. Make sure that you follow the procedures entirely so that there won’t be any errors. For this task you will require:

  1. A USB stick (greater than 4 GB)
  2. An active internet connection.

Then lets start the main job without further delay.

Part 1: Making your USB bootable with Kali

First step: Go to official website of Kali and download the ISO file. You can download either 32 bit or 64 bit according to your system. TO go to official website of Kali click here.

source: kali official website

Second step: Now you have to burn the ISO file of Kali in your USB stick and make it bootable. To burn the ISO file you have to download Win 32 Disk Imager. To download Win 32 Disk Imager from a secure site click here. Download the file and install in your computer.

When you open the disk imager application it looks like this

Now, click on the blue folder icon on near top left of the window and select the ISO file you have downloaded. On the place written as ‘device’ make sure you select your USB device. Then click the ‘Write‘ option. popup window appears, select ‘yes‘ in it.

dualboot kali linux alongside windows 10

It will take a little time to make your USB bootable with Kali. After the task is done a popup will appear suggesting you to format the USB. Click cancel. With this Part 1 of the procedure is complete.

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Article: Dual boot Kali Linux alongside Windows 10.

Part 2: Managing the space

  1. Right click on ‘This PC’ icon and select manage. A window like this will appear

2. Select ‘Disk Management’ option to select which drive to shrink.

Dual boot Kali Linux alongside Windows 10

3. Select a drive with enough space and enter the amount of space to shrink. Around 40 GB is suggested. Multiply the number of GB you want to shrink with 1024 and hit shrink option. Example 40*1024= 40960 for 40 gigs.

Now if you dont know about which key is to open for boot menu and boot manager search it in google for your laptop or pc.Mainly ESC and F2 are used for opening boot menu and F12 for boot manager.If you know keys then restart you device.

Part 3: Installing Kali Linux

This is the last part for Dual boot Kali Linux alongside Windows 10.

While restarting your PC in my case it is  Esc or F2  to enter the boot menu(select your own) and manage your boot priority order then save your settings and exit.Device will restart and immediately press boot manager key in my case it is F12 (select your own) and select your USB drive or from where you want to boot. After installation program runs, select ‘Graphical install’ option.

Select your language and region as the installation program runs, connect to your internet network, enter host name and domain name (you can leave it empty too.

You will be asked for root password, enter your root password. You will use this password for logging into your Kali OS with username “root”.

The most important step here is to manage partition. Use the option ‘manual‘ in this step otherwise, you’ll lose Windows.

Then select the option with ‘free space’ written.

Select ‘Create New Partition’

Dual boot Kali Linux alongside Windows 10.

Leave about 5 GB for swap area and enter the size of partition. For example: if you had shrunk 40 GB in Part 2 enter 35 GB. You can see 22 GB in image below, that is just for example. Select according to space you have allocated.

Hit the ‘continue‘ option. Besides that, hit logical and beginning for next two steps.

and hit continue. Hit yes and enter for further steps.

Select ‘Done setting up the partition’ and continue. After it is done, select the free space as shown in image below.

Leave the size as it is and hit enter. Furthermore, select ‘logical‘ and ‘beginning‘ as earlier.

Select the Use as option and then select swap area

Afterwards, select ‘done setting up the partition’ and then finish up the partition.Click yes on all further options , select yes to install Grub bootloader. Select the second choice afterwards as shown in image below.

Dual boot Kali Linux alongside Windows 10.

Hit continue and the installation will be complete.

Congratulations!! You’ve completed all the procedures for Dual boot Kali Linux alongside Windows 10.  Now you will see something like this on your screen.

Enjoy your new operating system and comment for any queries.









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