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EdbMails OST to PST software solution: Professional review

OST to PST software solution


What is EdbMails OST to PST file converter software?


EdbMails OST to PST converter is an excellent utility that converts inaccessible and disconnected OST files into Outlook PST files. It accurately recovers all mailbox items from an OST file and converts them into a PST file. The email contents can also be saved in different formats such as EML, MHT and HTML.

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The software recovers all mailbox data from an OST file, including emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, and so on. It also assists you in the extraction of deleted items from an OST file.

EdbMails OST to PST converter tool benefits

The entire OST to PST conversion process is simple and uncomplicated. Simply select the orphaned or corrupted files, as well as any attachments, and leave the rest to the EdbMails OST to PST Converter software. You can convert entire mailboxes, as well as all of their items and attachments.

Features Overview and highlights of the EdbMails OST to PST software

EdbMails OST utility is specialist file recovery and conversion software that is designed to make OST to PST conversion easy and hassle free for even the most inexperienced users. You don’t require any type of technical expertise or knowledge to use the tool and perform the conversion.

We put the EdbMails software to the test to see how well it functions and what features it offers. Based entirely on our findings, we’ve highlighted the software’s unique features below:

The User Interface (UI) and the Overall Appearance

The user interface of EdbMails is straightforward and user-friendly, earning it a high grade. Because the software includes an easy installation process and step-by-step instructions at every stage, we had no issue getting it to work quickly. We were able to immediately recognize the numerous options during the OST to PST conversion since this software is well-structured.

User Experience

EdbMails OST converter has a well designed user interface. We were offered the choice of logging in with an email address or starting the free demo when we initially ran the software. When we chose the Free Demo option, a drop-down menu popped up, from which we could choose the OST option with ease. There are no complications or challenges preventing you from using the main interface. Unlike other tools, this one does not demand a credit card or any other personal information to download the software, which is a huge benefit. From the OST file selection until the conversion, the software was simple to use.


Swiftness and efficiency

We used two OST files to test the software’s performance: one with a huge file size and the other with a small file size. The former had over 5000 messages (all folders combined), and the software transformed them all successfully. In less than half an hour, a 900 MB file was converted, which is quite good. We used a Windows 7 PC with 4 GB of RAM and an i5 processor to test the tool and noticed no difficulties or delays.

Various File Formats

For archiving OST file data, EdbMails software supports a variety of file types. You can save them in PST, EML, HTML, and MHT formats, among others. If you need to preserve individual emails in HTML or MHT format for file storage, presentation, printing, or legal compliance, this is a good option. We tested saving a variety of file kinds and discovered that it worked perfectly.

Language encoding and filtering options

One of EdbMails most interesting features is the filtering choices. You can convert only select emails and objects using these conditions, rather than all of them. For compliance and legal reasons, you might want to convert emails from a specific sender. The Sender filter can be used to convert just emails sent by this person. You can also utilize AND and OR conditions to mix and match for different circumstances. EdbMails also enables mailbox conversion from a variety of languages around the world, including Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Korean, Arabic, and others. While converting the characters, it precisely respects the language encoding.

Free Product Live Demonstration and Trial Version

EdbMails provides a free product demo during which an expert technical representative walks you through the software’s whole operation in simple terms. If you want to acquaint yourself with the software and all of its capabilities before making a decision, this is a great way to do so.

Free Software Trial Version: The free software demo version of EdbMails allows you to recover and preview all OST files, which is a fantastic feature given the frequency with which users encounter OST file issues on a daily basis. You can also easily export email, calendars and other items to Outlook portable PST format (30 mail items per folder supported). Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is a really useful feature.

What problems can you solve with the EdbMails tool?

EdbMails software programme can be used in the following ways:

Solution 1: Inaccessible OST files can be recovered and exported

When the internet connection is unavailable, Outlook stores and saves some mailbox items in the OST file. Your Exchange server or IMAP accounts are not synchronized with these objects. If the OST becomes inaccessible due to corruption or other circumstances (orphaned), you will be unable to restore back the changes to the Exchange account. EdbMails makes it possible to convert an OST file to PST format and set up the profile quickly from another Outlook.

Solution 2: Recover data from Exchange Server failures and downtime

You won’t be able to re-create or restore your mailbox until the server is fixed or if you have an orphaned OST file due to a Microsoft Exchange server breakdown. EdbMails can convert the OST to PST in such instances. Because the PST file is portable, you can access all of your emails by opening it in MS Outlook.

Solution 3: Direct OST to Office 365 import facility

EdbMails Corporate and Technical Edition allows you to import OST data directly to Office 365 without having to convert it to PST first. This functionality can save a company a lot of time and work when switching from the Outlook email client to the online Office 365 platform. Furthermore, the procedure is quite quick and can be completed using a single interface.

Solution 4: Conversions of OST files with no size restrictions

Many similar file conversion programmes become excruciatingly slow and take a disproportionate amount of system resources when you need to convert a large OST file. EdbMails can assist you with conversions that aren’t limited by file size. It converts large files just as effectively as small files without loss of performance. It can also portion a huge OST file into smaller PST chunks, which you can subsequently join using EdbMails free utilities.

Solution 5: IMAP to POP3 conversion

You must convert OST to PST if you have an IMAP or MAPI account and want to move to a POP3 mailbox. Because Outlook uses PST files to add POP3 email accounts, this is the case. EdbMails can also assist you in such cases if you are looking to transition from IMAP to POP3 accounts.

User satisfaction and reviews

To learn more about what other people had to say about this product, we looked for user reviews. Based on the feedback, we believe EdbMails is a highly useful and important solution for handling file recovery and conversion issues.

EdbMails hands on testing


1.   Installation

Install the application on your computer by downloading it. The download and installation are both quick and easy to do.

2.   Configuration

If you want to check out all the features or only recover a corrupted or inaccessible OST file, you can either Login (using your licenced email address) or utilize the free trial version after installation.

3.   Report Error

Users can report an error using the ‘Report Error‘ feature from the application. This option is located in the top right corner of the EdbMails main screen.

4.   Free Tools

EdbMails provides a comprehensive set of free utilities for any file corruption scenario. EDB Viewer, Outlook PST Merge, OST Viewer, PST Viewer, MBOX Viewer, and NSF Viewer are a few examples. This is extremely useful for saving the day when it is normally difficult to open files such as EDB, OST, or Lotus Notes NSF files.

  • EDB Viewer: You can easily open and see all the data from an Exchange database EDB file using EDB viewer. Even data from faulty EDB files can be examined. The folder structure is preserved so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. The EDB viewer has a simple and intuitive user interface that allows you to see EDB data with only a few clicks.


  • PST Merge Tool: You can use the PST merge tool to combine numerous PST files into one. Merge all contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, and other stuff. The PST file that can be merged with the free PST merge application has no file size restrictions.


  • OST viewer: It is a free programme that allows you to view and open Outlook OST files. The programme has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to open your orphaned OST file and view all of its data, including emails, contacts, journals, and calendars. To open and see the contents of an OST file, no Exchange Server services or a Live Exchange connection are required.


  • PST viewer: A free tool that allows you to view all of the data in a PST file in a structured manner without needing to install Microsoft Outlook. The PST reader may help you preview all the information from your PST file, no matter how enormous or corrupted it is, such as emails, calendars, contacts, and so on.


  • MBOX Viewer: Using the fully free MBOX reader tool, open and examine MBOX files from over 17 different email clients, including Google Vault and Gmail. In only a few clicks, you may pick the relevant MBOX file and read its contents thanks to the user-friendly interface.


  • NSF Viewer: Using the Free NSF viewer application, you can open and examine all the contents of NSF mails without having to use an IBM Domino server. The Free NSF viewer’s easy and straightforward user interface allows you to smoothly preview any objects like emails, calendars, contacts, journals, and more.


Filter options

Another interesting feature I discovered is that the software allows you to filter items by Subject, To, Cc, Attachments, Date, and other criteria, which is quite handy if you really want to extract mail data only between specific days, for example. I was also able to skip the exporting of the Junk and Custom folders which are not needed for the conversion. All of these features are included in the free version as well.

Other EdbMails tools

EdbMails is a one-stop shop for backup, recovery, and migration. It can quickly recover an Exchange server from an offline Exchange EDB file without using the Exchange server service or Active Directory.

It converts mailboxes, public folders, and deleted mailboxes from an Exchange EDB to an Outlook PST file. Direct migration from EDB to Exchange server and Office 365 is supported too.

EdbMails furthermore has two very useful tools namely Live Exchange server migration and Office 365 migration software. Cross-domain, cross-forest, hybrid and hosted Exchange migrations are some other scenarios supported by this versatile tool. You can even backup and restore Exchange servers and Office 365 mailboxes, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.

Technical Details

System Requirements
RAM 512 MB (4GB recommended)
CPU Quad core 1GHz processor (Both 64-and 32-bit  versions supported)
Windows OS All Windows OS supported
Hard disk space Minimum of 20MB free space

Support and User guides

EdbMails has one of the best product support teams and courteous customer service representatives available to serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The easiest way to get an answer is to use the website’s live chat service. I must mention that they respond quickly and are willing to go above and above to assist you. If you have any problems throughout the conversion, you can ask for help from remote assistance. Sending a log file to the support team for error analysis is also an option. We found the service to be outstanding and professional in general.

EdbMails provides comprehensive user manuals and step-by-step guidance to assist you through the entire OST recovery and conversion process.

Does EdbMails store your data?

EdbMails doesn’t keep your credentials or data. During authentication, OAuth 2.0 and TLS encryption safeguards your Office 365 credentials. It employs modern authentication to access your Microsoft Office 365 account, which is based on ADAL (Active Directory Authentication Library) and OAuth 2.0, and is known to be a secure authentication technique. Furthermore, meta-data kept on your computer for incremental migration is protected with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. And the meta-data is only accessible from the machine on which you are doing the migration.

License Plans

For OST file recovery and conversion, EdbMails offers Personal, Corporate Premium, and Technical licenses. People, small businesses, government, and educational institutions can utilize the Personal edition, which is a basic license that supports OST to PST conversion with restricted installations. With a Corporate Premium License, the software can be used on numerous computers for corporate purposes, making it ideal for small and large business enterprises, Government agencies, and Educational institutions. The software’s Technical license provides for an infinite number of installations and locations ideally suited for Data Recovery Companies, Computer Repair and Maintenance Companies.

OST License Type Price Feature Installation
Personal Edition $39 OST to PST conversion  with all the features 2 Computers
Corporate Premium $89 All features of Personal Edition + OST to Office 365 and live Exchange direct migrations Unlimited PC’s in a single location
Technical Edition $129 All features of Corporate Premium + multiple location installation Unlimited PC’s and multiple locations

We want to underline that, like with any software programme, you should always try the sample version before purchasing the full version. This provides a decent indication of the tool’s compatibility, support, and other characteristics. At any moment, you are welcome to contact the technical support team if you need further information.

Is EdbMails OST to PST converter the right tool for you?

EdbMails OST to PST Converter is without a doubt the best programme for converting OST to PST. This capable application allows users to extract all of their Exchange mailbox data stored in OST files, such as emails, attachments, calendar entries, contacts, notes, and so on, and convert it to PST format. This conversion produces a PST file, which can be directly loaded into Outlook to view all mailbox data.

The software’s Corporate and Technician edition, in addition to the foregoing functionalities, allows users to directly export OST files to Office 365. Moreover, if the converted PST files are too large, the software allows users to split or compact them to avoid PST file corruption. Furthermore, installing this application is a breeze because it just requires 20MB of free hard disc space and Minimum 512MB of memory to run smoothly.

Expert Verdict

When transferring file contents from one location to another, most Outlook users will need to convert OST to PST format. In the event of an Exchange server crash or unavailability, converting OST file data is required. It’s important to assess how professionals, IT administrators, and real-world users rank a software solution before investing in it. Businesses may have a diverse set of needs, making it challenging to identify the best solution to fulfill them all. For converting orphaned, corrupted, or unavailable OST files to PST and other formats, EdbMails OST to PST converter is the best alternative. We put it through its paces in a range of settings and discovered that, because of its feature-rich options for OST file recovery and conversion in all scenarios, this utility is incredibly versatile. In addition, the pricing plans are customized for certain use cases, and the product is the most cost-effective of all the tools. Many Microsoft MVPs have tested and approved this solution, and users can trust EdbMails to convert data effectively and without loss.