Edmonton Photo Lab: Metal Prints Will Change the Way You Display Your Photos

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Metal prints are a beautiful way to display your favorite photos. Our Metal Prints are durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. They float off the wall so they look like they’re floating in mid-air! The metal print process gives you more control over the final product than with other mediums like canvas or acrylic. It also allows you to create eye-catching looks in any space—from your home office to your bathroom vanity—with photos that tell your story.

A metal print is a perfect way to create a stunning focal point.

A metal print is a perfect way to create a stunning focal point in your home or office. With its lightweight and float-off-the-wall finish, it’s an ideal choice for any space where you want something eye-catching but not too heavy.

Metal prints are available in two different finishes: satin-finish or glossed. The satin finish gives off a modern, polished look that complements any decor style while adding just the right amount of shine at the same time—and it won’t leave behind any fingerprints on your walls!

Aluminum is a durable, practical medium that can withstand the elements.

Aluminum is a strong, durable metal that can withstand the elements. It’s lightweight but also durable and easy to clean. Aluminum frames make great photo display options because they’re sturdy enough to withstand daily exposure to sunlight or rain without rusting, while still leaving plenty of room for your photos so they stand out on their own without looking crowded together in an even row.

Aluminum is an excellent choice for outdoor use because it’s not prone to corrosion or degradation from humidity or rainwater like other metals might be; however, if you plan on displaying your pictures in any other environment (such as indoors), we recommend using another material such as wood instead since aluminum tends not only be susceptible but also flammable when exposed directly under intense sunlight—especially when left outside uncovered during hot summer months!

Our metal prints are lightweight and float off the wall.

Metal prints are lightweight, so they won’t pull down the wall and stay in place. They also float off the wall, which means they’re easy to hang! That’s why our metal prints are perfect for large spaces such as those found in offices or homes.

Our metal prints come in several different sizes and may be mounted directly onto walls using screws or nails if you prefer that method of hanging your art (and we don’t blame you).

Metal prints have a modern, polished finish that adds a sophisticated vibe to any space.

They’re lightweight and float off the wall, making them easy to hang in any home or office.

Metal prints are also easy to clean and care for—just dust them with warm water and cloth if needed!

Metal prints  are easy to clean and care for.

Metal prints Canada are easy to clean and care for. They’re made of metal, so you can just use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe them down. If you’re hanging your metal print somewhere that gets a lot of dust like the garage or attic, make sure it’s protected by putting some adhesive hooks on the back before installing it there.

If you want to hang it outside in direct sunlight, be sure there’s something nearby that won’t get damaged by UV rays such as wood planks or bricks (not glass). You’ll also want something large enough so that when people look at your photo they won’t have their view blocked by other objects in their line of sight like trees or posts holding up houses!

Metal prints are a beautiful option for creating an eye-catching look in your home or office with photos you love.

The metal frame is a durable, practical medium that can withstand the elements, making it an excellent choice for outdoor displays. And because metal prints are printed directly on top of the zinc plate, they won’t fade or tarnish over time like other types of photographs can do.

The possibilities are endless when choosing which pictures to use as your metal print inspiration! You may even want to consider using multiple images together as one composition (think collage). Or perhaps you have a favorite photo from years ago that hasn’t been seen since then? With this medium, it’s easy enough for anyone—even those without any artistic talent—to create something truly unique by simply printing out their favorite image onto metal panels and mounting them together into one large piece; no need is required here!


The Edmonton Photo Lab can help you create a custom metal print of any image or photo. The process is simple: make an appointment, send us your photos or pictures and we’ll deliver the finished product within 2 weeks.

We offer many different sizes, shapes, and finishes so that each one is unique and looks great on display wherever you decide to hang it!