Elevating Employee Productivity with Unique Software Solutions

Employee Productivity

Time is money in today’s world, and utilising every second matters to succeed. Installing an effective work time tracking software and employee monitoring solution is critical to guarantee that your staff are utilising their time effectively and efficiently. The powerful tools measure staff activities, track time spent on projects and tasks, and boost productivity.

Understanding of Time Tracking and Monitoring Solution

Employee monitoring software helps businesses track employee productivity, attendance, and performance throughout work hours to ensure employees make the most of their time. These solutions can track time spent active, location, screen activity, browser history, cursor movement, and business calls to ensure compliance with business regulations and employee quality. HR teams most commonly use employee monitoring systems to measure worker policy compliance, managers of customer service teams to ensure reps are working effectively, along supervisors of remote working teams.

The solutions may assist sales teams in experimenting with different pitches or methods to ensure that the right signals are communicated to prospects. These products enable organisations to be nimble, determining which tactics are effective rapidly and pivoting based on their measure of success. Employee monitoring is an important component of gauging performance quality for firms that embrace a mix of traditional and remote work conditions. Employee monitoring software shares several functions with time tracking software and call centre quality assurance software. Know more about How to Use Time Tracking Software for Productivity Analytics and Insights.

Key Features of Time Tracking and Monitoring Software

Let’s explore the core features that make employee monitoring and time tracking software a valuable addition to any business:

App and Website Usage Monitoring

The software lets you track which apps and websites your employees use on company-owned computers. This feature helps identify time spent on productive tasks and potential distractions, enabling you to make informed decisions about optimising work processes.

Screenshots for Verification

For added transparency and accountability, the software can capture random screenshots or screenshots triggered by suspicious or malicious activities. This feature is concrete evidence of employees’ work and can be a valuable tool for managers and supervisors.

Activities Tracking

It provides detailed activity logs, including active and idle time. Managers can review and approve manual activity logs, ensuring accurate tracking of employees’ work hours and tasks.

Special Mode for Security

The software offers a stealth mode to prevent malicious behaviour and identify suspicious activities that may compromise data security. This feature works discreetly in the background, safeguarding your team’s sensitive information.

Real-Time Monitoring

You can observe your employees’ activities at any moment with real-time monitoring. This feature offers immediate insights into their work patterns and helps identify opportunities for improvement.

Manual Time Entries

The software allows workers to add manual time entries, accommodating scenarios where employees may need to account for time spent on tasks that may not be computer-based.

Productivity Labelling

Employees can label apps and websites as productive or unproductive, clearly showing where their time is most effectively spent.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Automatically track employee attendance based on computer activity, ensuring accurate timesheets that comply with local labour laws and eliminate issues like buddy punching and time theft.


Receive detailed reports via email daily, weekly, or monthly. These reports offer actionable details into productivity and time utilisation, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Manager and Employee Logins

Promote transparency and accountability with manager and employee logins. Managers can access their teams’ data, analyse performance, and adjust productivity labels, while employees can review their data.

API Integration

Integrate with internal or external software used by your team through its REST API, streamlining workflow and data sharing.

Raw Data Access

Access second-by-second detailed data about your employees’ computer activities, allowing for in-depth analysis and performance optimisation.


Receive alerts based on productivity levels or unwanted activities, enabling quick response to potential issues.

How does this software benefit different teams?

Here’s how it can be beneficial in different workplace settings:

Company Computers

Ideal for office teams using company-owned computers. The software can track employees non-stop, during specific hours, or when computers are connected to a designated network. This ensures seamless monitoring while maintaining flexibility.

Personal Computers

Designed for remote teams, the personal computers option gives employees more control over tracking. They can initiate a search using the clock in/out buttons, allowing greater flexibility in managing their work time.

Challenges Faced

There are a few challenges one can face in using this software:

Impact on Employee Morale

One of the foremost challenges of employee monitoring software is its potential to impact employee morale negatively. Many employees perceive constant monitoring as a sign of distrust, which can lead to decreased confidence. It may also create a sense of invasion of their privacy. When employees feel constantly being watched, it can contribute to burnout, leading to high turnover rates.

Legal Considerations

Employee monitoring software comes with legal considerations that organisations must navigate. Obtaining employees’ consent to be monitored is essential. Additionally, different regions and states may have specific privacy laws that organisations must adhere to. For example, California law mandates employers to inform employees when their work-related calls are being recorded. Companies with international employees must also consider the privacy laws of the countries where they operate.

Misleading Reporting

Employee monitoring software generates usage reports that may only sometimes provide a clear picture of an employee’s activities. For instance, certain websites that are categorised as inappropriate for work may be necessary for specific job roles. For example, a social media specialist needs access to social media websites for their work. This can lead to misleading reporting, where legitimate work-related activities are considered unproductive or time-wasting.


Overall, time-tracking software works wonders for the betterment of a company. It is an excellent way to monitor the productivity of various teams while requiring negligible manual efforts. ProHance is a versatile and powerful employee management software solution that has the potential to alter your company. ProHance enables businesses of all sizes to improve productivity and efficiency by monitoring staff activity, tracking time on projects and tasks, and offering significant information. ProHance is the full solution that you require to make the most of your employees’ time and resources, whether you’re a small firm trying to optimise the execution of projects or a large enterprise looking to increase profitability.