Emergence of Car Rentals after COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected life throughout the globe. The whole world is facing lockdowns that have adverse impacts on the economy of countries. Like other businesses, the travel industry also hit hard. As the car rental industry is also bearing some crisis, customers of rent a car Dubai services have been decreased as well. But this situation will not last and the automobile rental company will regain its lost glory.

Despite the hardships of this period, companies are striving hard to stay their businesses alive by advanced strategies. With the passage of time, lockdown flexibility has been observed in some regions including the UAE. The automobile rental companies are finding out new ways of their growth. The following are some tips for the emergence of car rentals, even more, stronger than ever after COVID-19.

Motivation, Training and Staff Empowerment

The best way of utilizing this ample time is the establishment of strong communication with your staff. Many apps are available for conduction of online meetings and seminars. Motivate and train your staff through zoom and google class. Tell them that the present scenario will not last forever. So, we should work hard to ensure the success of our business.

Train the staff about SOPs and maintenance of social distance. Your staff behavior will be the key factor in impressing your customer. Even if the pandemic goes out, people will try to follow preventive measures. Now the car rentals should satisfy their customers by wearing masks and gloves along with distance maintenance from employees.

Offering car rental discounts

It’s the best time to show that you care for your customers. As everyone is facing disturbance in financial resources, so management of necessity goods and services is hardly fulfilled. Automobile rentals should offer some discount deals, in the current scenario, for their regular customers as well as for new customers.

People are looking for cheap car rental services at this time because this crisis leaves noticeable effects on the economy.  So, the companies that are offering lower prices or discounts will gain more customers at this time. Also, new customers are always looking for amazing deals. The companies that are able to do so at this time can have lifetime customers.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Vehicles

Public transport is not reliable for traveling in this situation even after full disinfection. People will move toward the alternative of public transport i.e., renting a private car for a stress-free journey. Car rentals should satisfy their customers by providing them properly cleaned and disinfected cars.

Sanitize your cars regularly to increase the value of your company. You should take some pictures during the sanitization and disinfection process of cars. Show these pictures to your customer before they rent a car. Tell them how your staff follows SOPs that they even wear masks and gloves during car disinfection. Such services will enlighten your business even after Covid-19.

Adjustment of safety seals on doors

To certify the cleanliness of vehicles, some car rental companies are introducing and adjusting safety seals on the doors of vehicles. Some companies have started to place a Gold Standard Clean at the driver side’s door. It will start the cleaning and disinfection process according to CDC guidelines at regular intervals.

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Although there is no other way of ensuring the promised disinfection of automobiles, vehicle rentals are providing satisfaction and peace of mind to their customers so they can verify the car sanitization process independently.

By following SOPs and offering cheap car rental services, you can enjoy the long-lasting benefit in your business by building trust in your customers in this crucial time through zoom and google class. A teleprompter app for zoom is also useful during online meetings.


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