Enabling the Anywhere Office Requires the Right Tech

Ever since the pandemic hit remote work has exploded. Of course, during the worst days of COVID remote work was a necessity, and so people enabled their anywhere office however they could. Plenty of apps started popping up to try and help remote teams communicate. Zoom was certainly one of the companies that benefited greatly from this need to communicate with team members that were no longer sitting in the same room. 

It’s not only apps that you need to be able to set up a decent remote work area. The technology to access these apps is a definite need. With so many options out there though, how do you tell the difference between novelty and need? That’s what we’re here to help you with.

Upgrade Your Phone/Laptop Devices

Were you one of those people that when the pandemic started had to clean a ton of dust off of your home desktop computer, or find an old laptop in the attic? Sadly, older phones, and computers no longer support most of the webpages and apps that are commonly used in the workplace. Even if you do have Excel and you can work offline with old equipment, you’re going to have to deal with slow loading, and just a ton of issues that will limit your connectivity. Yes, we know by about 2 years time you may have to invest in new equipment again! It’s just the terrible reality of the world that we live in.       

Is Your Internet Fast Enough?

Even if your devices are up-to-date your internet connection may not be. Sure the internet worked fine when you used it at home to watch Netflix. Now you’ve got a ton of devices connected to the same WiFi, and just not the same. Call your current internet provider, and see if they can do something for you. If not, it may very well be time to look into changing companies. This can be a tough process for some people. We suggest that you read up on why internet speed is important, and what are the key elements that you need to look for in an internet package. That way, you at least know what to ask for from a new internet connection company. 

Finding A Place To Work    

Maybe working from “anywhere” , or home for that matter, isn’t for you. Perhaps shared office space Calgary buildings now rent could be a good option. There are also options of a virtual office Calgary companies provide. A virtual office may not necessarily be a place where you can go and work. These sometimes serve as physical addresses that can take in your company correspondence so that you can work from home without having to get your work mail at your personal address. It’s not that one option is going to be better than the next across the board. Each company or independent contractor has the opportunity to find what works best for them.  

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