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Netflix Error Code: m7121-1331[ 4 EASY FIX ]

What is the error code: m7121-1331?

This error occurs on Netflix if your web browser is outdated. Even Netflix itself has written the article on their own site about this error; this error occurs if your browser requirement is not fulfilled and this error doesn’t occur in the official application. This error will only pop up while you are watching Netflix on the web browser.

What is the main cause of this error code: m7121-1331?

This error is caused mainly due to the unsupported browser version or the web browser whose HTML 5 markup language is not enabled because HTML 5 language is widely used by most streaming sites. But there may be some other problem too. So, here are the main reasons for the error code: m7121-1331.
Mainly this error code: m7121-1331 occurs due to the reasons like:

  1. If your browser is not supported.
  2. If you have enabled other unnecessary extensions like apps that are not officials.
  3. If the servers of Netflix in your location are down.
  4. If you bad cache in your web browser and all the cookies which you have accepted while using other unsecured sites. So, you must clean up your browser data.

What are the ways to solve this error code: m7121-1331?

There are many ways to solve this error. This is not any serious issue, and it’s just a normal error where you have just some data in your web browser cache, and it is prohibiting it from playing. Even this issue is caused if the servers of your location are down or having some problems which can be solved easily.

1.  First Solution: Make sure your browser is supported

You have to meet the certain requirements of your web browser to watch Netflix. Some web browser that doesn’t meet the requirements may work, but you can experience Netflix.
If you are using Google Chrome, you have to have Version 64 or later on Windows 7 or later with Mac version OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later. If you are using Microsoft Edge, then you have to have Windows 10.

At least your web browser should be updated. But make sure you have enabled HTML 5 in your browser. If you don’t get that option, either you have to update your browser or use another web browser.
HTML 5 is the latest markup language, and almost all streaming platforms use it, and most web browsers have got this feature by default if you have the updated version.

2.  Second Solution: Turn off your extensions

Extensions are the programs that can be installed in the browser, and you can modify the system you are using and make yourself comfortable. Like nowadays, these extensions are used by each and everyone, like blocking ads and even the web application which can be used from the browser itself it will make the work way easier.

  • First, you need to go to chrome://extensions

    Error code: M7121-1331
    extension site

  • Then you can check all the extensions turn of them unless they are official extensions of the chrome.

    Error code: M7121-1331
    Turn off extension

  • Then you can refresh the Netflix tab and enjoy your stream.

3.  Third Solution: You can update/ reinstall your web browser

You can check for the latest version of that browser you are using or you can simply uninstall the browser and again install them. And try them out this will definitely solve your issue.

  • You can go to the control panel.

    Error code: M7121-1331
    control panel

  • Then you can search for your browser which you can uninstall.
  • Then uninstall them
Error code: M7121-1331

4.  Fourth Solution: Check the Netflix server

Netflix server down will be rare because it is one of the greatest streaming platforms and have great and premium features, and it won’t let their user be sad. But still, this is a technical field, and anything could be there. So, you can check them with the following steps.

To check whether it’s downtime for Netflix, one surefire way is to go to Netflix Help Center. While you’re in Netflix Help Center,

  1. If you see a triangle with an exclamation mark, then the server is down

    Error code: M7121-1331
    server down

  2. But if you see the big tick icon, then you are safe. The server is up and working fine. You have to use other solutions

    Error code: M7121-1331
    Server up

These problems are just the small and minor technical problems that will occur but we are here to give you an idea of how to solve this problem and we can easily solve this type of problem because we have given detailed information with the image too. If you still have a problem then please comment down below we will try to solve your problem.

Even it’s not a serious problem, but it can disturb your time while watching Netflix. So, use the latest browsers and enjoy your time. Also, after fixing this issue you can also learn how to get free Netflix using a bin. For this click here.

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