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Essential skills for freelance web developers | 2020

web developersweb developers
web developers
web developers

Many organizations rely on their online presence means that the people who design their websites are in high demand and are unlikely to change in the near future.

As the owner of an independent web design company, you and your employees help your clients design attractive and user-friendly websites. To succeed and grow your web design business, you need to acquire some skills.

Before you get into applying sessions as a Freelance Web Developer, you need to work effectively on your skills.

As a fact, your skills, learnings, and potential will help you have more projects and clients as a Freelance Software Developer or creator in the market.

Visual design:

With advanced visual design skills, a freelance web design business can thrive. You can use the principles of visual design to improve the look of your website.

HTML is the basic mark-up language used to place content and give structure to web pages. You can use HTML to format the title, paragraph, and footer text. You can also place additional content on your websites, such as photos, videos, and graphics.

A solid understanding of HTML is important when doing professional work on your website. This is because it makes it easier to read, edit, and troubleshoot HTML. Depending on the work done by your web design company, you may need more advanced HTML skills.

CSS (cascade style sheet):

Cascade stylesheets are used to format the layout of web pages. While HTML determines the structure of your site, CSS manages its visual appearance. Improves the way web pages display text and other content. 

You can use CSS to change fonts, adjust colors, add attractive backgrounds, and create a uniform look across your website’s multiple pages.


web developers

You can code your design using only HTML and CSS, but if you can code it using JavaScript, you have the edge over your competitors. You can use JavaScript to make static elements of your site interactive.

For example, image sliders, automatically updated Twitter feeds, and sites that look different when you log in.

UX (User Experience):

Understanding UX (User Experience) best practices can help you create your designs from the user’s perspective. The user experience depends on factors such as content, navigation, colors, and action calls.

By improving your pages’ usability and accessibility, users can easily find the information they are looking for and the information their customers want to find on their website.

Responsive design:

Therefore, you need to understand your approach to responsive web design, a design that allows web pages to render correctly on different devices and screen sizes.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

 web developers
web developers

Web designers need to understand the basics of SEO, the process of increasing the visibility of a web page or website to search engine users. Many factors affect a website’s ranking on search engines, such as download speed, site content, and mobile compatibility.

When designing your website, you need to pay attention to these factors to make them more attractive to search engines and more accessible for users to find.

Choose the right insurance:

Whether you’re running a Freelance Web Designer business from your home office or a web design business, your job, data theft, or piracy as soon as you start working for a client.

Proper insurance will help protect your business. For example, cyber liability insurance for web designers protects your business from costs associated with data theft or loss, security, or privacy breaches.

Technical error and omission insurance can help cover negligence claims in your professional work, and general liability insurance can protect you from third-party claims, including piracy.

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Complete Insureon’s simple online application now and compare insurance quotes from top companies. Once you find the right policy for your web design business, you can start compensation within 24 hours.

Expect the start to be uphill:

 web developers
web developers

It is often difficult to start this journey because clients are not accustomed to working with independent developers. It will probably take at least 3-6 months for the feet to be planted.

Depending on the situation, consider starting a freelance job while continuing your regular career. During this time, it may be helpful to complete some projects that can be used to present the service to future clients.

You can ask friends and family for projects, or use the job board to find opportunities, you can visit dormzi for Freelance Web Developer jobs. It’s also helpful to run some tests before your life depends on it.

Final Thoughts:

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