Everything About SSL Proxy

SSL proxy is a type of intermediary server that is used for increased anonymity and safety on the internet. These features are essential for any online business or any kind of activity that needs protection from various bans or other restrictions.

Encryption is the key contributor that an SSL proxy aƒdds. That’s why it’s an option worth considering when cybersecurity becomes a topic of your concern.

In this article, we will discuss what proxies do and what makes an SSL proxy special.

Importance of hiding IP address

In general, proxies provide privacy by hiding your IP address. Their goal is to ensure that all your requests on the internet will be sent from a different IP address that has no ties with your original IP.

Why is it important to hide your IP address?

Because it is the bottleneck of your privacy, although it looks like a sequence of random numbers, it contains valuable information such as your approximate location, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and your hostname.

That is enough to identify you as a single internet user. This identification allows you to track what you are doing. All requests that you send from this IP address can be counted.

It means that if you exceed the number of requests that seem regular to an average internet user, your IP address will rise over the top of the line, after which any traffic appears suspicious. From that point, your activity will be tracked even more. You might get a few extra CAPTCHA tests to confirm that you are not a robot.

If you continue working at a high pace, your IP address will be banned. You will be unable to access the site that has blocked you.

How does intermediation help?

When you use a proxy server, you connect to the internet through it. It works like gloves that allow you to keep your fingerprints off the things you touch. You leave no trace of who you are.

When you send a request, it comes from your IP address to the proxy server, where that request is forwarded on your behalf, but only this time with the IP address of a proxy server. Your final target can’t see your original IP.

Moreover, a substantial part of a proxy’s strength comes from the feature of rotating IPs. You can have multiple IP addresses that constantly change. You don’t need to be concerned about any kind of surveillance because your IP is safely hidden while your new IPs change before they can be tracked for a long while.

What is SSL encryption?

SSL proxy works in a similar way, but its peculiarity lies in the SSL encryption that it has.

SSL (short for Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol that encrypts the data between a sender and a receiver in networked computers. The data is encrypted at the beginning of the request and decrypted at its end. Likewise, any response from a server that gets your request is also encrypted until it reaches you.

As the name suggests, SSL adds an additional layer of security to your browsing.

When you use the SSL proxy, it not only hides your IP address and resends all your requests without you risking exposing your data, which is sufficient for blocking you, but it also encrypts all your traffic and enhances your anonymity even more.

Why would you need such encryption?

When your requests are encrypted, third parties can’t read them. Even if any of your data were leaked through any cyberattacks or because of some mistake in your company or elsewhere, nobody could read and make any use of your data.

SSL proxy provides complete encryption that, as mentioned before, decrypts the data only at the end of its route, namely, when a receiver gets it and when you get the response. During its course between you and your target server, it can’t be decrypted.

Anonymity and safety are not just buzzwords. They gain tangible form when your requests are encrypted and end up in a risky situation that could end up with serious damage if an SSL proxy is not used.

What is SSL proxy good for?

SSL proxies can be used virtually wherever a high anonymity level is required to achieve your goals. That is especially handy in the following fields of business activity: 

  • Web scraping,
  • Social marketing,
  • Social media management,
  • Ad verification,
  • Bypassing geo-restrictions,
  • Brand protection.

SSL proxies will ensure that your web scraping process will remain uninterrupted and intact. You don’t have to bother about any blocks that would otherwise occur based on your IP address and many sites’ anti-scraping defenses. Therefore, your social marketing strategies can be improved as well, including managing multiple accounts on social media sites where you can avoid blocks for doing that when you use an SSL proxy.

Of course, SSL encryption will save your investment when used to verify your ads. Companies will get blocked or even unable to access certain content to check if any malpractices or fraudulent harms are being done to your ads. With SSL proxies, they will avoid this trouble.

A high level of encryption and safety will provide the necessary means to protect your brand. Any possible leaks of information will be irrelevant when all your data is encrypted and unreadable to third parties.

Along with circumvention of geo-restrictions, you will avoid any possible bans because all your requests are encrypted and don’t share any information about your location; you will access whatever you want.

Final thoughts

SSL proxy is a high-quality option for those who want to encrypt their traffic and increase their anonymity by protecting their data from third parties and surfing the web without getting blocked. A different IP address from an immense pool to choose from and encrypted browsing are essential constituents to achieving this goal. Therefore, using an SSL proxy will do the trick.