Everything You Need to Know about Indoor Tanning Lotion

In this article we will be explaining everything we know about the indoor tanning lotion. So, if you are among the readers who have no idea about indoor tanning lotion then, no need to worry. We will try to explain everything about the topic. Before starting the indoor tanning lotion you should learn about tanning first.

No idea about the tanning as well? No worries we will explain about this as well.

What is  Tanning and Tanning Lotion?

Oxford dictionary has explained the tanning as “the action or activity of exposing one’s skin to the sun in order to achieve a brown or darkened colour” and “the action or process of converting animal skin into leather by soaking it in a liquid containing tannic acid, or by the use of other chemicals”.

These are the two definition of tanning from the oxford dictionary. Now you may be confused what is the tanning lotion. Is it used for making darken brown skin or to convert the animal skin into leather.

If you have this confusion then, no need be confused, the tanning lotion is used in skin to make it darker.

Now you have got idea about what is tanning and tanning lotion  and what does the tanning lotion do. We can now move into the real topic of todays article i.e about Indoor Tanning Lotion.

What is Indoor Tanning Lotion?

Indoor tanning lotion is same as the tanning lotion used for  tanning process but this lotion usually doesn’t contain the sunscreen i.e the indoor tanning lotion wont protect you from the sun.  Any of the active ingredients used in traditional tanning lotions are melanin and L-Tyrosine. Tea oil, copper (in many different chemical compounds), green tea extract and many other natural oils are other commonly used ingredients. Usually, indoor tanning lotions are made to use only products that do not cause harm or build up on acrylic surfaces. Both tanning beds use 100 percent acrylic in their security shields because of this.

Why to use Indoor Tanning Lotion?

Now you have idea about the tanning lotion as well as the indoor tanning lotion. Let’s discuss why one should use this tanning lotion. Here we mentioned some of the points which explains about why we should use the indoor tanning lotion.

  1. It accelerates the tanning process.
  2. It increases the blood flow to the skin which stimulate the production of melanin.
  3. Some of them provides the bronzing effect.
  4. It helps to moisturize the skin. This is because the skin can be dehydrated from tanning (indoors or out), so extra moisturization is needed to compensate to keep the skin looking clean and stable. Hemp seed oil is one of the most common moisturizing components in tanning lotions, although other oils are also prevalent. In tanning lotions, the main moisturizing ingredients are exactly the same as in normal hand lotions, but they appear to have less alcohol in them.

Thats everything you have to learn about the indoor tanning lotion. If you are interested in buying the indoor tanning lotion you can purchase from https://www.tanaholics.com

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