Everything You Need to Know About Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries

One of the few types of energy that you can get today is from batteries. A type of battery that is coming in handy today has got to be lithium batteries, and there are several reasons for it. If you don’t know anything about the battery, you need to stick around. Batteries can come in handy when there’s no electricity and other forms of energy. But you need to ensure the battery type is clean. Below is everything you need to know about lithium batteries made in Brisbane and why they are pretty popular in some sectors.

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The history of these batteries can be traced back to 1912 when GN Lewis first coined it. You can trace the use of the batteries, though, from the 70s when the first non-rechargeable battery was brought to the commercial market. In the 80 was when some engineers tried to make the first rechargeable lithium batteries. However, it wasn’t successful as they were unstable and short after the thermal ran away during the charging process.

Different Aspects of the Lithium Batteries

These are the standard types of 18650 cells that you usually see everywhere. And there are several aspects to these types of batteries. Below are some of the different elements of this battery

  • Nominal Voltage – this is the voltage rating in this type of battery, and by default, it is set at 3.2V. Despite different manufacturers coming into the market, the Voltage remains the same.
  • Full discharge voltage – the battery should never discharge below the 3.2V set. Failure to that, the internal resistance inside the battery may end up getting damaged permanently.
  • mAh Rating – this is how the battery’s capacity is measured Milli Ampere hour. This one varies with different types of batteries from different manufacturers.
  • Full charge Voltage – this is the level of charging Voltage allowed. This one is set at 4.2V at any time.
  • Cell dimension – a unique feature, and it can be found in the 18650 cells.
  • Depth of Discharge % – the level at which the battery is allowed to discharge. No battery can ever have 100% discharge, which can destroy the battery.

There are several other aspects of these types of batteries, but these are some of the most notable ones.

How to use Lithium Batteries

One of the best ways to use these batteries or any other is to use the readymade ones. They are the easiest to use, and you can use them across different projects. You only need to look at the voltage levels required. If you need a higher voltage for the project, you can combine two batteries for efficient use. You need to know how to combine the batteries and place them on parallelly. If you don’t connect them correctly, they won’t function as you need them to.

Know About The Battery

Before you can use a lithium battery, you need to know as much about it as you can. These are some of the best cells you can use for various projects. Above is everything you need to know about lithium batteries.