Everything you need to know about Spotify Mod APK and PREMIUM APK

Spotify Mod APK and PREMIUM APK

Spotify is an audio, video streaming application that gives you instant access to millions of songs from around the world. Spotify services are available in Asia, Europe, North America. According to 2015 statistics, the application crossed 60 million users. Spotify is known as the king of music because this application owns more than 40 million songs. All songs are copyrighted. You can find any song, any means any kind of song.

The normal version of Spotify is free of cost and contains basic features only. But mod apk contains essential features and if you want to enjoy the full features of Spotify then you must upgrade to premium apk. Let’s see what features are available in the mod version and Premium version.

Premium APK

Unlimited Songs Skips

In the free version, you can’t skip the song you don’t like. But in Premium, you can skip songs as much as you want, and listen to your favorite song.

Quality of music

Premium APK provides all qualities of music from low to extreme. You can choose any quality.

Unlimited Spotify connects

Spotify connects feature allows users to connect a single account to multiple devices and listen to as much music as they like. In some states, Spotify gives a 1-month free trial to its users, in which they can use all the premium features. They also provide a 50 percent discount on the premium package to students.

The free version contains too many ads. Every time you listen to a new song, an ad will pop up, and you have to watch all Advertisement without the skip option. The Premium version includes an advertisement block feature. It can block all the ads. So, the next music will play without any hassle of advertisement.

Equalizer features

The equalizing feature of Spotify premium apk is very interesting. You can select the sound that suits your ears. The equalizer is used to adjust the sound notes and base level. For Android, Settings ->Music quality ->playback. For iOS, Settings ->Music quality ->Equalizer option.

Profile Share option

In the Premium version, you can also share your Spotify profile to various social media platforms. You can share your podcasts, music library, and much other stuff.

Offline availability

The free version allows you to download podcasts only. But premium features enable one to download the whole library, albums, different combinations of songs.

Unlimited shuffle

The free version allows only a few shuffling. You can’t shuffle to your favorite song every time. But, the premium version allows unlimited shuffling of songs. So that you can directly go to your favorite song any time.


To get all the services above, you just have to spend 10 dollars per month. Considering all those services, 10$ is not too much.


Unlimited Songs Skips

The unlimited songs skip option is also available in the Mod version. You can skip a song an unlimited number of times.

Quality of music

The quality of the song is not that good in the mod version.  You can’t use all the music quality services.

Mod version also includes advertisement block feature. You can listen to your audio, podcasts, and video streaming without any advertisement.


You can get this without spending any cost. Also, it is not illegal, and the account will be safe too. Actually, the company itself provides this version to its users.


Mod version contains only essential features, but the premium version includes all features of Spotify. It depends on you whether you want to get all services or only main services. The free version contains listening to music only and nothing else. Spotify mod apk provides its users full security related to their personal information shared with Spotify.

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