What are car seat covers?

Seat covers play a part in determining the interior of the car. They are an important aspect for every car lover. They are comfortable and stylish. There are a lot of options to choose from. Seat covers are available in different colours, patterns and fabrics. One must choose a seat cover that will go perfectly with the interiors of the car. Car seat covers are durable, flexible and do not require much maintenance. 


When one decides to purchase a car from the car monkey used cars and do not like the seats, they can always get them changed. One has a variety of options to choose the best seat cover for their cars. One can decorate their used cars however they want. 


What is the importance of car seat covers?

Comfort is an essential factor while driving. If one is driving for long hours, they must be comfortable. These seat covers serve this purpose. They not only improve the look of the car but also comfort the people in the car. If the seats are stained with beverages or any other items or torn, they can be replaced with car seat covers. One can cover any damage with the help of seat covers. 


Car seat covers are highly beneficial for any car. The price of these covers may range from expensive to cheap. Most seat covers can absorb moisture. They can keep one warm during winters and cool during summers. 


Types of car seat cover

There are three kinds of seat covers available around the world. 


Universal fit: These types are preferred by a lot of people. They can fit almost all types of car seats. They don’t have a tight fit. They act as a drape over the car seat. As they fit all seats, they might not go well with all car interiors. One can choose different universal seat cover fits. They can either fit the entire seat or just a portion of the seat.


Custom-fit: Unlike the universal type, they are designed for a particular car interior. They are comfortable and have a tight fit. They add a good appearance factor to the interiors. This type of fit adjusts according to the curves of the seat. They are made individually for each car. 


Semi-custom fit: This type acts both as a universal fit and a custom fit. It comes at a lesser price than a custom fit. It does not have a tight fit. It can fit any similar type of seat with a semi-tight fit. 


Material of the car seat cover: 

There are a lot of options to choose from while purchasing a car seat cover. The owner has to decide what kind they prefer and what suits their car the best. They can choose from a wide range of colours and multiple patterns. Coming to the car seat cover material, this is categorised into a few materials suitable for any car seat.


Fabric covers: These seat covers are made of cloth. They protect the seat from dust and dirt. They prevent any damage to the original seat cover. They are extremely comfortable. They can keep the person cool during summer and warm during winters. A disadvantage of this type is that it can easily absorb. In case of any liquid spills, it isn’t easy to get them cleaned. One must be careful while using these seat covers.


Covers made of pure leather: These are one of the best seat cover for the cars. They give an elegant look to the interiors. The main advantage is that they do not absorb. In case of spills, one has nothing to worry about. They do not stain whatsoever. They are durable and highly comfortable. The colour of the leather will not fade away for a very long time. A disadvantage of these covers is that they tend to get very hot if parked in a sunny place. 


Covers made of PU ART leather: This is a good type but is not as great as pure leather. It is less thick. It has a poly coating and is a type of synthetic leather. The maintenance is effortless. It does not absorb water. The leather cannot be torn. It gives the seats a polished look. A disadvantage of this type is that during summers, it can get sticky. 

One can own a car seat cover from car monkey used cars to decorate it with seat covers and make it their dream car. 


Seat cars are something that everyone must consider. They protect the original seat from any damage. They are a perfect investment. Few seat covers are easy to clean and few are not. Each seat cover has its advantages and disadvantages. One must choose the best seat cover and make every drive special!


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