Everything you should know about Skinlite cream

Skinlite cream

Skinlite Cream is used widely for the treatment of dry skin, Rough Dark Patches, and bumps that will often appear on the skin. It can also cure your patches on the skin, spots due to age, Skin discoloration due to pregnancy, Birth Control Pills, and other Problems which affect your skin. According to the skin lite cream reviews, it is the best in the market.

What is the composition of this Cream?

It is composed of Salts of Hydroquinone 2 percent, mometasone 0.1 percent, and tretinoin .025 percent as active ingredients in this cream. This will eliminate the Chronic Skin Disorder Melasma.

Why should the Skin lite cream solution be used?

A dermatologist often prescribes this cream to patients with hyperpigmentation problem and also for the melasma or freckles used by the le who have areas of skin that are darker than the rest and the discoloration can make them feel bad

This will increase the self-esteemed confidence of the user because of the result of the cream.

Some side effects

  • According to the people reviews, very less people have experienced any kind of side effects after using the products Please visit your Dermatologist if you face any side effects even it is mild like sensitivity to sunlight, skin irritation, itchy and sometimes inflamed skin
  • The Skin gets irritated when you use it but it gets used to it within a week. Some areas may become red and have small blisters around the hair. If you face these problems kindly consult a dermatologist
  • While going outside you may notice your skin is sensitive to the sun so try to maintain the normal temperature while you are out. Please wear sunscreen and long sleeves to cover your skin
  • If your skin swells or rash seek medical attention because there are chances that you may have an allergic reaction to the skin lite Cream. Apply only in small areas for the first few days to understand the reactions of your body to it. Make sure that your dermatologist is aware of all the medications you use along with liva skin lite cream.
  • Please don’t use it if you have Eczema


  1. Before applying it, clean your hands and it is for external use only also clean the skin where you will apply. This cream is to be applied once or twice per day as per the consultation with your Dermatologist. Apply a thin amount of it and rub it over the skin Don’t apply too much so it can hurt the skin so ensure that you are using the correct amount
  2. Rub the cream until it dissolves
  3. The cream is safe to be used for 3 weeks. The recommended usage is around 8 weeks and not more than that at a stretch

Advantages of using it

  1. This will reduce the accumulation of skin pigment and hampers the process of the cells
  2. this will peel off old rough skin to make it look brighter and fresher
  3. It will Reduce the production of substances that are causing the inflammation

Storage specifications

  1. Make sure you store the product in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
  2. Keep out of reach of children.
  3. Do not use it after the expiry date.

Precautions to be taken during use: –

  1. Avoid getting Pregnant while using it or after stopping it for one month
  2. Avoid Exposure to sunlight and UV light to get better results
  3. Don’t use if you face the situations like eczematous, hypersensitivity, irritated or injured skin, Lactation, Pregnancy, Peroxide, Phenol
  4. Consult Dermatologists before using it
  5. Don’t consume alcohol while using it
  6. Don’t breastfeed while using it.


Skinlite Cream is not a Cosmetic cream and it is a medical ointment used to treat melasma (dark spots on the skin). The Recommended usage of skin lite cream 25mg is around 8 weeks only not to use more than that. It may cause skin dryness in the skin. This occurs mainly for people who have dry skin. This cream is not intended to be used as a cold cream so keep that in mind. It also reduces the amount of melanin and the process is reversible.

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