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Staff ManagementStaff Management

Ask any manager or anyone who is into employee management and they will explain to you how tough this job is. It takes a lot to handle, manage, and nurture different kinds of talent. That being said, one can’t ignore the fact that staff management is crucial. 

Without a well-managed team, dreaming success is not at all possible. One key aspect of staff management is to keep an eye on the phone usage of the employee. You will be shocked to know that employees spend 42 minutes per day on the phone while at work.  

In a week, this number comes to eight hours or one full working day per week. Isn’t it too much?

Yes, it is. Also, there are incidents where an employee has sold crucial information to others and paved the path for the business’s downfall. This is why staff management must have phone monitoring tasks included. Without it, staff management is nothing.

In this post, we will talk about this new side of staff management and how one can make it happen at zero cost.

Minspy – Ensuring Better Productivity at Work

Minspy is an AI-driven phone monitoring app that is famed to keep an eye on phone usage by an employee or any other person. With its help, finding what other person is doing using a phone can be discovered at zero risk.

Minspy has been already declared as a viable husband tracker. It has a boasting customer base of 1 million+ in more than 190 nations. Many leading media houses like Forbes and Top10Reviews have declared it a trustworthy option.

With the change of time, this phone monitoring has become a favorite of many business houses as it helps them to find out what their team is doing behind their back. You can confirm the same using this link.

Staff Management
Staff Management

Before we discuss this, let’s talk about some of the key qualities of Minspy:

Minspy keeps the entire process risk-free

Risks like damaged OS or poor performance is not a new thing when you’re monitoring others’ phones. These risks can cause a migraine for you if you don’t pay attention to them. This is why phone monitoring is not something that everyone could try just like that.

Minspy works without rooting/jailbreak. Hence, its operations are entirely risk-free. Also, it doesn’t save data on the server which is a great thing as this keeps many risks at bay.  

Phone monitoring is easy than ever with Minspy

Minspy has used the most advanced and cut-above technology to monitor others’ phones. The diligent use of technology by the developers of Minspy has done a great job in reducing the complexities involved in phone monitoring jobs. Now, it’s everyone’s job.

Minspy for iOS is a web-based tool. There is no downloading and installation involved in this job. Without any installation and set-up, it will keep tabs on what the target is doing over the iPhone.

For Android, Minspy offers a simplified and familiar app. You won’t have to make any extra efforts to bring it into action. If you have done the set-up of any regular app then there won’t be any hassles involved in this job.

The app is less than 2MB in size. So, the entire set-up and installation process will last only for 5 minutes. Everything related to this app is very easy and you don’t need any special skills to operate it.

It will keep your motives a secret affair

Minspy is 100% clandestine. Without letting anyone know what you are doing, it will keep on doing live phone monitoring. It maintains secrecy from beginning to end in the process. To make this happen, Minspy offers stealth mode in its Android solution.

Because of this stealth mode, the presence of the spy app on the targeted phone conceals completely. 

No one will be able to find out that the app is installed on the app.   Its web-based dashboard is another way to keep all the operations a secret affair. Without forcing you to access the device to fetch the data, it will keep you posted.

Minspy is trustworthy

Minspy is famed to capture data in real-time. Every detail is captured just as it happens. As each entry is delivered with a timestamp, you can verify the data viability anytime. There won’t be any loopholes in the data.

How does it help in staff management?

Minspy has the ability to do real-time monitoring of more than 30 phone activities such as call history tracking, SMS tracking, web-browsing history tracking, SIM information, social media platform tracking, and so on.

With all these activities tracking facilities, this tool will make staff management a lot more than easy and hassle-free. Now, let’s try to understand it with an example. 

Using Minspy, a boss can find out whether or not an employee is trying to sell the company’s secret to someone.

Staff Management
Staff Management

Also, one can easily find out how much time an employee is spending on social media while at work. This tool is also very useful to fetch details like incoming calls and call duration done on the targeted phone.

In short, there is nothing that is happening on a phone and Minspy can’t track, record, and inform you. Based on this data, a business can easily make staff management a bit more data-rich and real-time.  

Is it costly?

We know that running a business is not easy. There is a limited investment and any excess tool can add-up to the expenses. Minspy won’t let it happen to you. The cost and expenses are very much affordable with Minspy.

There are three subscription choices. No matter which plans you pick, savings are a sure thing. Minspy’s premium package is most popular as it offers big-time savings. The monthly expense with this tool is only $10.

Final words

Staff management is essential yet very tedious. With tons of things that need your attention, this aspect makes a professional exhausted like anything. 

But, Minspy makes things a lot simplified. It makes a business to find out and control the phone usage during work hours and ensure that the manpower is utilized in full swing. So, start using it today and start having a streamlined business operation.

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