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facebook is making hardware

Hey fellas! Welcome to thetechrim.com . Most of us use Facebook and we all know that Facebook is all about software. The platforms of Facebook : Whatsapp, Instagram , Messenger all are software. And guess what, Facebook is making hardware now.

So what is the hardware about? Lets talk about that. A couple of days ago Linus Tech Tips uploaded a video showing the latest hardware product. Apparently, the device is called Portal , there is also a variation of the device called Portal plus. And the device is all about video calls. Basically what Facebook is trying to do is to make your video calls as good as a real conversation.

The Portal Device

In the Portal device your hands are free to do whatever you want to do as it is not a hand held device. The camera widens it’s view in case of many people and you can also focus on certain person by tapping on his face, on the device of course. Portal also enhances the sound reducing the background noise and they call it the smart sound. It also seems secure as your data is directly sent to Facebook servers. According to Linus, “Facebook says that all their video calls are encrypted, so they don’t listen to view or keep the contents of your portal video calls and the AI technology used on the camera locally works on the Portal not on Facebook servers.” 

The Portal device costs $ 199 and it is equipped with 12 mp camera 10W speakers and 10,1 inches (1200*800) display. The cost of bigger Portal plus is $349 with same speaker and camera but 15.6 inches (1920*1080) display. Basically, bigger display and higher resolution.

So, what do you think about Facebook making hardware? Leave your thoughts in the comment. Also, give a visit to our Facebook page.

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