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Facebook Messenger Hidden Feature – Dark Mode

Facebook Messenger Hidden Feature

Dark Mode/Night Mode feature has harnessed a lot more attention and popularity since a while. Most of the device manufacturers and app developers including Google have been promoting the usage or adoption of dark mode. While most of the popular apps have incorporated Dark mode in their UI elements, the Facebook Messenger failed to come up with the native Dark Mode in its full form or widely until now.

Nonetheless, Facebook is working on the Dark Mode but perhaps it’s available only for few users. In case the feature is not available for you yet, then don’t worry as you can enable it manually either using root access or sans the root. Here, we’ll be looking at both the methods for enabling dark mode on FB Messenger.

Enable FB Messenger Dark Mode w/o Root Access

This method is safe, easy and new. It seems Facebook has camouflaged the Dark Theme option from the users, either it’s still not fully-baked or may roll-out gradually in coming weeks to all of the users. However, an easter egg in Facebook Messenger can help you enable the Dark Theme without much effort. How to enable it? Well, follow the below steps.

  1. Send a crescent moon emoji ( ? something like this) to anyone in chat in the Messenger.
  2. Close the app completely and enter back again.
  3. Then, long press on the sent moon emoji.
  4. Boom, after that you’ll have the dark mode toggle pop up on your settings screen.

Note that the method is not a gimmick and indeed it works. So, do let us know in the comments if you’re able to activate the Dark Theme on your FB Messenger.

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