Facility Management and Automation Software Used in Mordern Offices

Due to heightened health and hand hygiene rules, individuals of the general public have begun spending more extended time in the toilet. Given that the pace at which these resources are spent may fluctuate, it is difficult, if possible, to predict when they will be exhausted.

Increasing numbers of individuals using public bathrooms are the leading source of explosions in sensors and other connected devices. This greater use has sped up the introduction of these technologies, which may be attributed to the growing need for more thorough cleaning and disinfection and higher tenant expectations and requirements. Improvements in tenant screening and screening criteria are two further contributors to this rise in use.

Modernizing public restrooms around the U.S.


Your whole stall may be wired into the main control panel with restroom management system. This network was developed utilizing office buildings, sites with considerable foot traffic, educational institutions such as colleges and universities, massive industrial and healthcare facilities, and other comparable enterprises.

The System monitors many data points, such as the projected number of toilet users, trash output, power outage duration, and more. The consumption of paper products, toilet paper, soap, and hand sanitiser are all included in this category. Another benefit is that it monitors consumables like soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and tissue.

When more towels are available, it may positively affect as few as 10% of customers and reduce tissue waste by as much as 85%. In addition, 88 percent of the cleaners polled admitted that it benefited them in executing their jobs more effectively.

This method aids in streamlining operations by enabling notifications to be sent immediately from the site where a problem has arisen via restroom management system. Because the alert indicates the precise location of the dispenser or item and the toilet, your employees will spend less time checking your entire facility for broken or out-of-stock equipment. As a bonus, they won’t waste time looking for a restroom.

Currently Available System Tracking and Analytical Tools

Dispensers use Bluetooth to wirelessly and securely transfer data to collectors. To send data to the cloud, you may use your already established wireless LAN or a secure low-power wide-area network (LoRaWAN) that Georgia-Pacific can set up for you (wi-fi).

Both mobile and desktop users have access to the stall restroom management system. Managers and supervisors who require a bird’s-eye perspective of what’s happening throughout their whole plant at any given time and in the past will find the desktop version very helpful. Only the PC version offers this type of perspective. Maintenance workers and supervisors who are always on the road may get the latest information thanks to a smartphone app that syncs with the cloud.

Approaches to the Beginning of Something


The team will create the website for you and provide you with orientation, training, continuing direction and support, and assistance with website upkeep. They will also handle setting up the website for you.

The user will rent the necessary dispensers from the centre to use the System. The dispensers will be provided free of charge to the school, but the ongoing expenses of paper, hand sanitiser, and database maintenance will be borne by the institution.

To determine whether or not a business will gain from using this technology, the group will assess the value it will produce. The time saved from fewer customer complaints and repair requests, easier inventory management, and fewer unnecessary inspections of dispensers is a bonus.


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