Facts About Product Prototypes That Most People Don’t Know

For precision, quality enhancement, and time-saving, rapid prototyping has become an alternative to traditional prototyping. The use of 3D printers has made it easier for CNC machining services providers to make prototypes that are identical to the parts being manufactured. The advantage is not just the quality and precision enhancement but it also actualizes the mass production of parts and products without any compromise in quality. The result is that time and resources are not wasted. Here are some of the things that you probably don’t know.


Rapid Prototyping Originated in Bell Labs


A lot of people think that prototyping was launched when the 3D printers came. That is not the truth because prototyping has been in existence since the 1970s. It is only that most companies couldn’t afford to install this machinery and even get the consumables to run such machines. Bell Labs used to work in computers so they designed a 3D printer that used to take designs from the computers and print them. It was a long manual system so people couldn’t install it in their small CNC machining companies. As a result, most people used to utilize manual prototyping.


Its US Market Value Is $300 Million


Rapid prototyping looks like a minor thing but a lot of people have put it into good use. Without considering other countries, the US alone has a value of $300 million which means a lot of products and automobile parts are being produced using this type of machinery. Countries like India, China, and Japan are the ones that use this technology in bulk and there is a high possibility that the market value is more than $300 million. Rapid prototypes are known to reduce the cost of production so most manufacturers are always using them.


The FFF Method is the Most Commonly Used


There are numerous methods used in the rapid prototyping industry but the most commonly used one is the fused filament fabrication method. For products that contain continuous filaments, this is the best method that you should use to ensure you save time and improve the quality of the product.


It is Used in the Making of Electric Cars


Rapid prototyping is also used in the making of electric cars because most of the parts of the electric cars don’t require an intense manufacturing process. The first electric car was designed through rapid prototyping technology before being made by other technologies. Even to date, some of the parts of the electric cars are made through rapid prototyping.



Rapid prototyping is the real deal when it comes to the parts production industry. Many CNC machining services providers make use of this technology to speed up the production process and ensure they don’t waste a lot of resources. To make it even more fruitful, it is now combined with Laser cutting technology which ensures parts are made in the accurate desired shapes. Always make sure you have an established company that has the best machinery on production before you order your products.


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