FamiSafe: The best location tracker to avoid kidnapping

Today, one of the main concerns of parents in this technological world is whether their children are protected from the various dangers lurking on the Internet. For example, kidnapping is a big problem today and there are ways to prevent it. That’s why today we’ll talk about the FamiSafe Parental Control App, the best location tracker to avoid kidnapping.

Child kidnapping is a serious problem in many countries, including ours. Children are vulnerable and they are particularly vulnerable to potential abductions. In the midst of advances in digital technology like today, it is easier for kidnappers to find their target. Our children, without us knowing it, may have social media accounts that explicitly provide almost all information to other people.

Forget about the age restrictions imposed by many social media. It’s just a formality because your child can get around this by providing fake birth date information. Unfortunately, many children are experts at crossing the age limit set by social media but neglect to safeguard other personal information. Often they provide everything, including school information, making it easier for the bad guys out there to target them. If you are a parent concerned about possible kidnapping, you will need a location tracker. You certainly can’t be beside your children all the time.

You need FamiSafe Parental Control App!

With this application, you can prevent or at least minimize (significantly) the potential for kidnapping that can happen to your children. You can track the location of your children anytime, anywhere. Of course, as long as they have their cell phones with them. FamiSafe is an application that is built into your cell phone and the cell phone of your children, allowing you to track their location from your phone.

Not only tracking, but FamiSafe can also allow you to create a kind of safe zones so that whenever your kids leave those zones you will get a notification. With these warnings you can act much more quickly, preventing the danger from getting bigger. Suppose one of your children is invited by someone to go to a place, and they have already left together, you can immediately go to your child’s location and ask the police for help.

However, if you thought FamiSafe was just a tracker then you are wrong. FamiSafe is more worthy of being called a complete security tool, offline and online. Remember, many kidnapping incidents stem from seduction that comes via text messages or direct social media messages. Here FamiSafe goes a step further by preventing any potential seduction that comes via SMS, and personal messages.

In short, the other features provided by FamiSafe can further prevent any potential kidnapping. And the features can also ensure your kids are safe against other risks such as cyberbullying and Internet addiction.

In general, here are the important points related to using FamiSafe:

– This application is available for both iOS and Android which is installed on your device and on your child’s device.

– You can receive automatic alerts about potential risks of cyberbullying, inappropriate adult content, bullying, and more in your kids’ conversations.

– With real-time location tracking and geofencing, you can find out your child’s whereabouts at any time to make sure they are not in “unusual places.” You can also create “Safe Zones” and receive alerts when your child enters or leaves them.

– App blocker and activity monitor. With this feature, you will be able to control what types of apps your child can install and uninstall, as well as control the time that has passed in each of them.

– Content filter. With this filter, you can keep your son or daughter safe from potential network dangers. You can block any objectionable or inappropriate site with harmful content such as pornography, gambling, or violence.

– Monitor and control screen time. With this function, you will be able to find out the exact time and sequence in which your children use their devices and set restrictions.

Want to make an account?

You need to download the FamiSafe app using the following links:

Google Play

App Store


You can also sign up via the official website, then install FamiSafe on all smartphones (yours and your child’s phone), and manage all phones using Famisafe’s dashboard.


Monthly plan: $9.99/month

Quarterly plan: $19.99/3 months

Annual plan: $59.99/year


FamiSafe is without a doubt one of the most reliable location tracker apps. If this makes it stand out, in addition to all the available functions, it is that you can control your children from your phone. If you are looking for a parental control app, FamiSafe is probably the best on the market. For a fairly affordable fee, the most expensive being less than $ 10 / month, you can protect your children much better.

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