Fantasy Basketball: Rules and Regulations of the Game

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. The sport has a large fan following around the globe, even in the countries where Basketball is the least followed sport. Over the decades, Basketball has evolved to become one of the world sports after Football and Cricket. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is solely responsible for the popularity of the sport across the world. The NBA is an established and prominent Basketball league since its inception in June. The NBA is often considered as one of the most expensive sporting leagues in the world after NFL, IPL and FPL.

In India, the National Football Association league is closely followed by the Basketball enthusiasts. The sport is mainly popular among the people who follow it passionately over the years. However, the NBA has been working with the Basketball Federation of India to increase the popularity of the sport. With the popularity and growth of Basketball in India, fantasy gaming platform came with a fantasy basketball to cater the new experience of the users. Fantasy Basketball is a platform where the users can create their own team of five players and score more points than the opponents in the contest.

Those people who have been following the sport of Basketball have knowledge and better understanding of the game and it will be easy for them to form a fantasy basketball team. However, there are people who are new to Basketball and have yet to understand the game. Therefore, it’s important for them to have knowledge about the sport before they go to make the fantasy basketball team.


Here Are Some Rules and Regulations of Basketball

1. Only Players Per Side on the Basketball Court

In the professional basketball leagues like the National Basketball Association (NBA), each team can field a maximum of five players on the court. If any team violates this rule, then they will lose control of the ball. Oftentimes, it happens inadvertently, especially at low level leagues where the substitute players check in the game and others don’t leave the basketball court. When you create a Fantasy Basketball, make sure you pick five players from two teams in the match. Pick up those players who will help you earn more points than your opponents.

2. Score More Points Than Your Opponent to Win

Basketball is a point based game. If you bag more points than your opponent, then you will win the match. A team must score more field goals than your opponent to take home the match. Field goal basically refers to any basket a player scores during the gameplay. If a player makes a field goal, then that player as well as the team will win 3 points. Field goals shot inside the arc will help the team earn two points. If the ball is thrown into the basket outside the arc then you will earn three points. Therefore, you pick a player in your team that can help you earn more points than your opponent while making field goals.

3. Score Within Shot Clock

Shot clock is a limit given to a player to shoot the ball during the possession. Major leagues like the National Basketball Association (NBA), teams are allowed to shoot the ball within the 24 seconds of the possession. If the time limit or shot clock passes, then the opponent team will forfeit the ball and become the defensive team. In Fantasy Basketball, if your team fails to shoot the ball within the shot clock, you might lose a point. Therefore, you need to pick a couple of players who can shoot the ball within the time limit and win you points.

4. Five Seconds for Offense to Inbound the Ball

Offense is a method to score baskets and get open shots against your opponent’s team. After the offense scores a basket, the opponent will get control of the game. After the opponent team gets the ball, one of their players has to inbound the ball from a spot on the sidelines of the court inorder to resume the game. But, the player of the opposing team has only five seconds to pass the ball, otherwise, the team will lose possession. Importantly, the referee will issue a technical foul if the defender tries to contact the ball when the offensive player is trying to inbound the ball.

5. Legal for Defenders to Block or Steal the Ball

Defenders can legally block or steal the ball from the opposition team. The main aim of the defending team is to stop or prevent the offensive team from scoring a basket by either stealing the ball, blocking them from entering the basket or using defensive strategy to stop an offensive player from scoring. In Basketball, defense plays a vital role in the team to stop the opposition from scoring a basket or point.

6. Illegal Physical Contact is a Foul

When a player commits illegal physical contact against an opposition player while passing the ball, the referee of the match will call a personal foul. When the player commits a foul on another player of the opposing team while shooting the ball, the referee will ask the fouled player with unguarded free throws from the foul. Each of three free throws counts one point for the team. Referee has the authority to assess the coaches with fouls for unsportsmanlike conducts.

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