Features and benefits of a mobile pos system

A mobile pos system is a full-proof solution for a retail business. From daily operations to marketing and business decisions, these systems can handle it all. Hana Retail POS is one such POS system that can be easily installed on any mobile device. Keep reading to know more.

How to turn your mobile device into a pos system for small business?

And the best part is, you can turn any of your mobile devices into pos systems nowadays. If by pos system, you only think about the traditional setups with their own hardware, then you’re in for a treat! Today’s new-age pos systems are cloud-based and they hardly require any special hardware. A desktop, laptop, smartphone, or ipad can all be turned into mobile pos systems without any hassle. All you need is to install the pos software in your device, and you’re good to go.

Additional hardware you’ll require:

However, in order to turn your mobile device into a full-fledged pos system, you might require a few additional equipment for various purposes. Here’s a list.

1. Cash register

Setting up the retail software on a mobile device, a POS cash register will be necessary. With this, you’ll be able to use it for your retail business and enter all details related to transactions. But in order to accept cash payments, you’ll need a separate cash register. So, this is one important equipment to have in your store.

2. Credit card reader

Just like a cash register, you’ll also need a credit/debit card reader in order to accept cashless payment. You can accept other forms of cashless payments through net banking or any other way. But if a customer prefers to pay through card, then you should be ready and available with a card reader.

3. Receipt printer

You’ll also need a receipt printer in order to print out receipts and give to your customers. Through your mobile point of sale system, you can send the receipts directly to your customers’ email addresses. But if they insist on a printed receipt, you’ll require equipment for that.

4. Barcode reader

Another item that you require is a barcode reader. In order to register the everyday sales into your system, you’ll need to scan the products through a barcode reader. So, this is a must-have if you want to set up the pos systems for retail.

5. Mobile stand (optional)

This is optional, but highly recommended. Get a stand for your mobile pos device and place your device on it for easy processing. You don’t run the risk of misplacing the device during busy hours. Also, it looks more professional, and it is more convenient to use the smartphone or ipad as a pos system when it is fixed on a stand.

So, what’s so special about mPOS or mobile pos systems? Let’s have a look into its features:

Features of a mobile pos system:

  1. Quick transaction
  2. Payment processing
  3. Emailing of receipt
  4. In-app dashboard to manage everything from one place
  5. Inventory management

Advantages of a mobile pos system:

So, as you can see, the above-mentioned features make a mobile pos system an extremely helpful support for your small business. Apart from them, a mobile pos system also offers some great advantages that you cannot enjoy with traditional pos systems. They are:

1. Uncomplicated use

Usage of a mobile pos system is very easy compared to a traditional pos system. In case of traditional ones, you generally require to train your staff separately in order to learn the proper usages. But with mobile pos systems, normally a few hours of instructions on its features and usages will be enough for both you and your staff to understand the whole process.

2. Easy installation and anywhere access

The most important feature for the best mobile pos systems is that they are very easily installed on any mobile device including your smartphone and ipad. You can also install the software on multiple devices. So, even if you set up your primary device over a stand in your shop and don’t want to disturb the structure, you can still access it from your home by using any other device.

3. Regular updates and backups

Mobile pos systems come with auto backup features. This is extremely helpful as you don’t require taking manual backups regularly. This keeps you free of worry and you can concentrate on more important things. Plus, regular updates are released from the developers to keep your system up to date and as par with the current trends of the industry.

Overall, a mobile POS system like Hana Retail POS is the perfect solution for all your retail business related problems. Get it now to experience yourself!

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