Features of custom Kraft boxes you must not miss

Kraft boxes

The custom-printed cardboard boxes give tough competition to the other packaging options in the mainstream markets globally. The packaging companies invest in improvising the designs, themes, and structures of these boxes and better catering to their marketing, advertising, and packaging needs. Because of this reason, their use is becoming popular in versatile sectors. The research and development helped develop new options in materials like Kraft and other cardboard options that are now successfully used in making packaging boxes. Let us read about their advantages;

Kraft is a high-grade material

One basic need that Kraft fulfills in packaging is to provide reliability via its strength. However, the grade of Kraft used in different printed packaging boxes will differ according to the product weight and other packaging requirements. At the core, this material is composed of the more extended wood blend, which as a result, adds more flexibility and structural might to these boxes. Adding additional polyethylene layers to this material makes the packaging secure against temperature extremities, wetness, contamination, and even grease. It also improves the resistance against splits and rips of these boxes. As a result of these qualities, shipping, commercial, and packaging companies love using Kraft in various packaging box types.

Customizing these boxes is convenient and straightforward, using different printing techniques ranging from digital to offset to lithography. The impressive features like window patching and cut-outs add to these boxes’ aesthetic appeal while highlighting the products packaged inside.

Promotes eco-friendly packaging

There is so much to learn about the Kraft packaging boxes. Like all paper and cardboard-based materials, this material is also derived from plants and needs processing until it reaches its final stage. This processing requires energy consumption, chemical treatments, and other steps that are not eco-friendly. Some include;

  1. Cutting down trees (that adversely affects the planet, life, climate, etc.)
  2. Water and soil pollution due to chemical waste
  3. Overpackaging and other waste

Despite these shortfalls, the custom Kraft boxes are still a better option than plastic packaging, which is poisonous and pushes life to the brink of survival. But did you know that the recycling ability of this material cuts down the energy consumption while saving;

  1. More trees
  2. Chemical usage
  3. Freshwater bodies and landfills from waste dumping
  4. The Kraft material can be recycled until its final stage, thus preventing virgin material usage.

Another worth mentioning marker of Kraft retail boxes is food safety, as they are available in food-grade material and considered safe for food packaging. These boxes remain biodegradable under the right conditions. But if disposed of in a landfill, they will release harmful gases and stay as is when disposed of in plastic-based bags.

Custom Kraft boxes for retails

Kraft printed retail boxes are great for companies promoting handmade and organic products. It goes well with their themes and does not require advertising justification. One look at these boxes, and the customers can recognize the brown color and rough surface with recyclable packaging. But not many customers know that these boxes are easy to print like any other cardboard box and suitable to customize. In fact, they are tough and supple enough to structure and design into various layouts and styles. Some trending types in these boxes include;

  1. Kraft pillow boxes
  2. Kraft two-piece boxes
  3. Kraft tuck top boxes, etc.

The boxes in retail do not just get used for packaging and presentation, as one of their essential roles also comprises promoting and advertising the products without salespersons. The modern boxes in retail successfully justify this role when designed and structured according to this need. Boxes developed according to this need are called Kraft display boxes. These boxes promote individual and portable SKUs of a product and are placed near high-traffic counters to encourage spontaneous buying. The designs and layouts of these boxes are attention-grabbing, and the high grade is used as their framework. Products like mineral-based, organic lipsticks get exhibited in multi-tiered display boxes.

Kraft custom mailer boxes

It is well-known that Kraft material provides great custom packaging boxes at cut rates. This cost reduction is simple as raw material is abundant and cheap in the markets. It allows the packaging companies to make the most of this material and use it in shipping, retail, packaging, etc. A product of any size and shape can easily be placed in these boxes for maximum security until it reaches the final destination and sometimes even after that, as customers use them to store products in between use. These qualities make them ideal to use as custom subscription boxes that companies use to launch their products and excite their customers.

The Kraft double-sided printed subscription boxes are currently trending as they add an element of surprise and fun to packaging. Instead of making only the box’s exterior pretty, companies invest in making the inner box pretty. The easiest way to make these boxes more appealing is by adding theme-inspired visual color content. Companies may choose to print;

  1. Their brand’s story
  2. Usage and storage instructions
  3. Promo codes and coupons
  4. Greeting cards
  5. Seasonal greetings
  6. Ingredients’ list
  7. 3D pop-up cards etc.

Kraft custom boxes with logo

Like any other retail box, those made from Kraft material also need logos. The packages give an identity to the brand that is recognizable to their customers. because of this reason, the companies like to order Kraft box wholesale orders in add-ons that highlight the corporate logo, for example;

  1. Embossing
  2. Debossing
  3. Foil stamping
  4. Select-color printing, and so on.

Dark themes come out very well on the finished packaging boxes and look stunning with foil stamping. Clients can select different colors in foil stamping than silver and gold and opt for contrasting popping colors for their packaging. Some other options in Kraft printed boxes with add-ons include;

  1. Matte, gloss, and biodegradable laminations
  2. Ultraviolet and water-based coatings in matte and gloss
  3. Window patching
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