Finding the Best SEO Agency

SEO Agency

Today, the first thing people do when they don’t have an answer to a problem or question is to pull out their smartphone or computer and search online. The internet is undoubtedly our go-to resource for information, with search engines being the first stop for nearly all web-based research. Businesses know this, which is why many have invested in working with an SEO agency to help their website appear more frequently atop a search engine results page. 

SEO agencies are specialists in growing a brand’s online presence and brand equity. It’s a highly competitive, results-based industry, meaning that businesses usually will have a few options for who they want to work with. 

In order to be best equipped to search for the right SEO agency for your business, we’ve broken down a few things to help. 

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a primary function of most digital marketing agencies. SEO singularly revolves around search engines and is the process of optimizing a website’s content and quality to appear higher in search results. 

SEO activities can take on many forms. One of the first steps an SEO agency will take with you is identifying what your business’ keywords are. Keywords are words or phrases that you expect customers to search for when looking for your products or services. 

Once you’ve identified your keywords, the agency will help you update your website’s content to include these words. When customers search those keywords, Google will find them on your website and show them to the customer.

Another type of SEO is called link building. Google’s search algorithm likes to rank trustworthy websites higher than untrustworthy ones since they have a responsibility to their users. One of the ways Google determines trustworthiness is by how many other websites link back to a particular site. 

Link building is the concept of getting your website’s link on other websites. This can be through article or blog placement that includes a hyperlink back to your site or through paid partnership.

How is the Agency’s SEO

If you’re trying to judge which SEO agency will give you the best results, you should evaluate how each agency’s SEO is. You can do this by simply searching for agencies in a search engine. 

Logically speaking, the company with the best SEO will be the one that appears first when you search for an “SEO agency” on Google for example Cleaning Service Marketing Agency. Ultimately, that proves that they are the best of the pack.

If the company itself has distinguished it as the best at their own SEO, you can safely assume that they too will get your website to the first page and likely the first rank. Since SEO is a results-based practice, you can see first-hand that this company’s SEO work achieves the best possible results. 

You can also download some tools or use free tools online to find how many pages link back to that agency and use your own reasoning to determine if they are trustworthy or not.