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Five Important Tips to Crack RBI Grade B Interview

Crack RBI Grade B Interview

Reserve Bank of India is the highest authority and a central bank of all banks. It plays a vital role in managing and controlling the policies of Indian banks. It formulates the guidelines for all banks that must be followed especially by the government banks.

The Reserve Bank of India recruits for various positions every year from all over India. There are different levels of RBI Grade B recruitment. The exam is conducted for direct recruitment of Grade B Officers in Combined Seniority Group (CSG). This exam is highly popular amongst the candidates who wish to choose the finance sector as their career. One needs to work hard in the areas of Mathematics, Logical reasoning and General Knowledge. Written exams are easier if one has writing skills to elaborate and write to the point, answering the questions whereas Interview becomes harder as you are judged on your communication, leadership and decision-making skills. To tackle this, we have listed few major points that must be considered while preparing for an Interview.

Five Important Tips to Crack RBI Grade B Interview

Building Self – Confidence

Confidence – a word that itself has something in it which fills us all with hopes. To achieve anything self – confidence tops the list and you must know how to build it. Having confidence lets you achieve more from what you have ever thought of. A plan can never be executed if you do not have self-confidence. It is observed that people after failure tend to get demotivated which brings down their morale and as a result, they lose confidence in themselves.

Know your Profile

Knowing your profile will help you to be clear with all your responsibilities and you will be fairly able to justify your work on a tricky question. Without a clear picture you won’t be able to answer why you are sitting in front of the interviewer answering all questions. This may be reflected through your expressions and will be caught by the interviewers. So, be crystal clear about your working area. Check RBI Grade B Eligibility Criteria as well before applying for any position.

Read Current Affairs

Whenever you are preparing for any government exam, be prepared for Current Affairs. The current affairs have always remained a part of any interview and will continue to be. Studying current affairs doesn’t mean you have to read everything (the whole newspaper) but it just simply means whatever is related to the concepts just read those articles. Be selective on what you read. As working in RBI will lead you to the finance sector which makes economy and financial news, banking policies and upcoming projects an important question to be asked in an interview. These sudden questions will leave you with a blank face if you do not read the newspaper daily.


Practice Communication

Practice makes a man perfect and in interview effective communication plays a vital role. Practicing to communicate will not only help you in strengthening your communication skill but will also build the confidence of interacting with others. You can appear for mock interviews where you receive feedback with a detailed guidance on how to improve your weaknesses. They also teach you how you can tackle a question that you don’t know about. Mock interviews will increase your chances of getting selected in RBI Group B Exam.

Prepare yourself a day before

Well, preparing yourself a day before means organizing every required thing a day before. From important documents to carrying yourself in formals everything must be planned prior to the day. This is of utmost important that whatever is needed on interview day you carry it without fail. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be while presenting yourself. In addition to this, you must also take care that without preparation you might lose your interview and all your practice will go in vain. So, make sure that you are quite well prepared on the day before the interview.


Always remember, in an interview try to be as original as you can. Interviewers won’t take much time to find out your capabilities and interests. Preparing in advance helps you to maintain perfection with accuracy and match the competency level.


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