FIVE mistakes you must avoid when buying a label application machine.

FIVE mistakes you must avoid when buying a label application machine.


A Label application machine has a role in selling your products. It should apply labels ‘easily’ on the products you manufacture or package. The design and colors of the label should be unique to each product and provide necessary information about the products. It should include details about the quantity, manufacturing date and expiry date, and other legal requirements.

When choosing the best label application machine for your business, consider its ease of use, sturdy to operate, and maintenance is easy. Even seasoned managers make particular mistakes when buying these long-lasting label application machine. Here are five common mistakes you should avoid when investing in labeling machines:

  • Avoid buying foreign brands.

Label machines are products with high ROI and last a couple of years to decades.  But, with foreign-made brands, you cannot expect the same longevity for several reasons. Many lack repair/service hubs and suppliers of spare parts. Buy from a local label application machine manufacturer for long-lasting service and high ROI. 

  • Avoid buying the lowest-priced label application machine.

You should avoid compromising on the quality of the product, even if it is the lowest-priced. New manufacturers offer products at low prices. But these may have technical flaws or manufacturing issues and may not last long, even if they are the best priced-deals. Buy from reputed local manufacturers and avoid investing in short-life label application machines. 

  • Avoid buying labeling machines with less than a two-year warranty.

Commonly, label machine manufacturers offer only a six-month warranty on their products. Six-month is an exceedingly short time for a warranty cover. Only reputed manufacturers, aware of the value of their products, offer a two-year warranty. Buy your label application machine only if they deliver a two-year warranty. 

  • Avoid buying machines without service/spare parts sales.

Sales of spare parts and repairs are one of the biggest concerns a buyer of label application machines should consider before investing in a brand. New manufacturers may take time to set up their service networks and spare parts supply channels. It is a risk you can avoid if you buy from a reputed label application manufacturer.  

  • Avoid buying unsupported machines. 

Sometimes the popularity and high sales of a model often lead to rapid duplication by lesser-known manufacturers. These products may have mechanical problems and less effective design logic to avoid patent infringement. Buy only original products from reputed manufacturers for snag-free, long-lasting, easy-to-maintain label application machines.

Your investment in a labeling machine will be effective only if they have the ideal features. 

Label Application Machines should have the following features: 

The top features you should look for in label application machines are versatility, high quality, and durability.  Customizable to match the exact needs of your manufacturing unit or packaging unit is another factor to consider. The application machine should be of industrial quality, made from stainless steel, and have powder-coated surfaces. These machines should not use electricity or foot/air pedals. The speed of the labeling machine is the defining feature. 

On average, the fastest machine in a given category can apply anywhere between 30 to 40 labels in a minute. Another factor to consider is its versatility. The labeling machines should be easy-to-use labels on various packaging materials. Standard packaging materials that these machines should be easy to use are metal, glass, fiber, and plastic. For effectiveness, identify the type of containers and label to be used with the Label application machine. At the same time, packaging service providers should investigate and match the design of the labeling machine with the packaging material.