Five Simple Ways to Upload Thumbnails to Video Online

Five Simple Ways to Upload Thumbnails to Video Online

Does your screen recorder tool simply allow you to upload thumbnails to video online? If not, then this article is going to be exciting. However, uploading a striking thumbnail can make your video powerful to attract viewers and boost the click-through rate. It is essential for all running a YouTube Channel, branding their products, making gaming experience videos, using multimedia for teaching purposes, and lots more. Everything needs a powerful, eye-catchy, attractive cover that can stop scrolling dawn. So here we bring five simple ways to upload thumbnails to videos online.

Why Thumbnails Should Be Upload

Well, you must have heard that the first impression is everything. In a video, the thumbnail matters a lot. Because it is the first thing that can entice viewers to watch the video and eventually become the cause of enhancing the click-through rate. Therefore the thumbnail should be engaging, and its first glance should illustrate the entire video. 

However, in the future, we will explore simple ways to upload thumbnails. These are online platforms that allow editing video after recording

App Screen Recorder

It’s overwhelming news for YouTubers, gamers, live streamers, teachers, business executives, and other influencers; you have the powerful app in your hands. The app screen recorder performs a fantastic job recording the screen and has swift options to edit the video after recording. Thus it gives a simple way to upload a custom thumbnail to your video. Not only this, but if you desire to record a desktop screen for a short time, then the app screen recorder is the right screen recorder tool for quick recording and uploading thumbnails of your choice, and editing the video after recording.


A free video editing tool comes up with a striking feature no less than a true blessing. The picmaker offers a huge amount of graphic elements, thousands of image editing tools and many filters to make a brilliant eye catchy video thumbnail. Its sign-up is free and allows a simple way to upload a thumbnail. 

YouTube Studio

It’s an exciting thing to have an easy thumbnail uploading tool via YouTube. It is simple and fulfills all the requirements of adding a thumbnail to a video online. You can access custom thumbnail by clicking on select and upload 


Another great tool to create and upload a marvelous thumbnail for screen-recorded videos is Backgrounder. It is free and fantastic for online editing. It offers ready-to-use attractive templates, the right colors, customizable image options, and lots more powerful facilities for creating best-fit thumbnails for your video. 


Canva is an amazing tool for creating attractive thumbnails for youtube videos. It offers many ready templates, delightful images, and satisfying editing options. It charges a less expensive amount that counts as nothing compared to its facilities.


Being a YouTuber, gamer, teacher, or business personnel, you better know that the human brain can go faster to the entire topic only by visualizing an image. However, the app screen recorder knows everything practically. That’s why they are offering all the convenience. Such as a simple way to upload a thumbnail as your online screen recorder tool. Now you know some great apps to upload and create the best thumbnail for videos! 

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