Five Ways Tech Has Transformed The Security Sector


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There is no industry in this world that hasn’t been impacted by the technological advancements of the 21st century. So many things that were unimaginable in the 90s are now as easy as snapping your fingers. One sector which has greatly benefited from the technological boom is the security industry. This includes cybersecurity tools such as anti-virus software, monitoring/surveillance tools such as security cameras, online databases, and more.

Since the technological boom, many modern solutions have entered the market that have truly transformed the sector. With more and more digital solutions being introduced by specialists, we are better equipped than ever to tackle security challenges. If you’re interested in discovering just how the security industry has been transformed due to technology, keep reading.

1.Digital Authorizations & Record Keeping

The security sector has a lot of red tape as most functions require prior authorization or licensing from the government. With the rise of technological solutions, a large chunk of the filing and record-keeping required in the security sector has been switched to digital platforms.

For instance, to buy a firearm, purchasers must submit Form 4473, a lengthy, 6-page document that had to be filled and physically filed before the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). However, firearm sellers can now invest in an e-filing solution that allows customers to file Form 4473 online and avoid the hassle! This is a convenient option for firearm purchasers who don’t want to deal with troublesome manual record keeping, as all sales details are stored through e-Form 4473.

2.Publicly Available Databases

One of the greatest blessings that technology has brought to the security sector is easily accessible databases. In the past, it was easy for felons and offenders to escape and start a new life without disclosing their past. This created an unsafe environment for others, who had little means of verifying someone’s story or credentials.

Today, there are databases available online that contain the names and details of individuals that you need to be wary of. For instance, the United Nations has a Security Council Consolidated List available on its website, which names individuals who are suspected of being involved in terrorist activities. Similarly, all states have online databases of sex offenders, absconders, and other criminals, which come in handy while carrying out a background check. With the availability of information, security companies can now easily identify individuals who have committed serious violations.

3.Smart Solutions

Technology has provided us with the means to protect our belongings against theft by using smart solutions. With GPS trackers and unique codes being assigned to all valuable items, you can find your stolen assets or, at the very least, prevent their unauthorized use.

For instance, GPS trackers used in cars have reached the level of advancement where you can have them programmed to shut down the car if it leaves the city premises. Further, you can set a schedule with the tracker company regarding your regular hours of use. This way, anytime your car starts outside the preset schedule, your company will notify you or seek confirmation of the vehicle being in use. This way, if someone attempts to steal your car and run, you will be aware of it when the ignition is turned on.

4.Digital Authentications

Another fool-proof security measure that has been made possible by technological advancements is digital authentication. Your computer, bank account, mobile phone, and email account are all locked by a specific code (password), without which nobody can access your information.

As technological solutions have developed, so have digital threats. Therefore, to tackle these dangers, many platforms have now introduced two-factor authentications, where your primary device is required to authenticate the usage of any new device. This ensures that you do not fall prey to hacking and other cybersecurity breaches. This way, you can be sure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands.

5.Artificial Intelligence Recognition

AI has greatly helped improve the security industry, thereby contributing toward increasing safety and security. Although man-made, it is capable of things that we are not, as it is not subject to human limitations. When you need to identify a person or place, AI is a fantastic tool as it can access billions of records stored on a system or the internet to find a match. Using AI tools, law enforcement agencies and security professionals can find criminals, identify locations, and track past events to solve cases.

Final Words

Security is a dynamic concept as new threats appear every day in our world. An equally dynamic solution was required to deal with the risks, and technology has proven to be the perfect fit. By using technological tools for security and monitoring, we can sleep peacefully at night and face any security challenge head-on.