Fix QuickBooks Payroll Issues Like a Pro!

QuickBooks has rapidly become one of the most heavily used accounting software worldwide. QB users leverage various features offered by this program to simplify and quickly complete different accounting tasks. Despite being such efficient software, a host of errors can occur in it. Problems regarding payroll are the most common. Often, users are confronted with QuickBooks payroll issues as they update the tax table or payroll.

 Another situation where they face this error is when trying to pay their staff. Payroll is an important process that needs to be performed accurately and carefully. Any errors hindering this process should be rectified at the earliest. In this article, you’ll find the different ways to resolve payroll issues. 

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Payroll Issues Quickly

A host of causes, from wrong billing data to corrupt QuickBooks company files, can lead to payroll problems. Here are the different workarounds to fix these issues.

Reinstall QuickBooks

Reinstalling QuickBooks is an effective way to resolve payroll issues. Below is the procedure to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks. 

  • Head to the ‘Control Panel’ present on your PC/system.
  • Tap ‘Uninstall a program.’ This option is present below the ‘Programs’ section.
  • Choose the QuickBooks program and click ‘Uninstall.’
  • After the program uninstalls, start your PC again.
  • Now, install QuickBooks again.

Repair QuickBooks

Corrupt company files in QuickBooks can cause payroll problems. Running a repair will help to fix this issue. 

  • Similar to the above fix, begin by heading over to your system’s ‘Control.’
  • Now, place a double-click on the ‘Add or remove programs’ option.
  • Go down and locate QuickBooks.
  • After you find it, tap ‘Change/Remove.’
  • Tap ‘Next’ on the installation screen.
  • Click ‘Next’ in the maintenance window and then choose the ‘Repair’ option.
  • After that, tap ‘Next.’
  • After the maintenance completes, click ‘Finish.

Modify the name of the CPS folder

Do you encounter payroll problems while updating the tax table? If so, you need to rename the CPS folder in your system.

  • Begin by heading over to the path given here: C:\Program Files\ Intuit \ QuickBooks 20XX \ Components \ Payroll \ CPS.Do not count the spaces in this path.
  • In place of XX, you must input the version of QuickBooks you are currently employing.
  • Now, just change the name ‘CPS’ to ‘CPSOLD.’ 
  • That’s it; this action will recreate the folder and help resolve this problem.
  • Now, you can attempt to update the tax table in QuickBooks again. Hopefully, you won’t find any payroll errors bothering you this time.

Turn off the User Account Control functionality.

Users of various Windows versions, right from Windows 7 to 10 can employ this method to fix payroll errors. Follow these pointers to disable the UAC.

  • Go to the ‘Control Panel’ on your system from the ‘Start’ button.
  • Once you are there, choose the ‘User Accounts’ option.
  • Follow it up by choosing this option again.
  • Now, head to ‘Change user account control settings.’
  • Choose the option that says, ‘Never Notify.’
  • You will not encounter payroll errors after making this change.

Fix the payroll network problem

Another common error is regarding QuickBooks being unable to connect to the network. An easy way to fix the network issue in QuickBooks is to delete the browsing history of Internet Explorer.

  • Launch the Internet Explorer browser on your computer.
  • Tap ‘Browsing History.’ This option is present below the ‘General’ tab.
  • Place a tick on the options ‘Internet Files’ and ‘Temporary Files.’
  • Tap ‘Delete’ followed by clicking ‘OK.’
  • Now, try sending the payroll. 

Modify the time and date on your system

QuickBooks payroll update problems can also be fixed by correcting the time and date on your system. Here is the procedure to modify them.

  • From the context menu, select ‘Date & Time.’
  • Tap the option, ‘Change date & time.’
  • Now click ‘OK’ twice.
  • Now, exit QuickBooks.
  • After a few minutes, open the program.
  • Run the payroll update. You will not find any errors in this process.

Final Thoughts

As you can notice, there are many ways to troubleshoot QuickBooks payroll problems. Most of the measures are quite easy to perform and get the job done quickly. However, if you still face the problem after implementing these measures, connect with a professional QuickBooks support service


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