Food Packaging Trends in 2022

Several factors play a significant role in determining your brand’s quality and success if you have a food business. Food packaging is also very important along with quality checks, food processing, and promotion of your products. In fact, according to a recent survey, 74% of customers said that they are ready to pay more for commercially available food items that are environment-friendly and for which sustainable packaging has been done. 

 This means that in 2022 and moving forward, food packaging will continue to be one of the most crucial deciding aspects between customers supporting your brand over your competitors. 

Among all the food packaging trends, the demand for wholesale zip lock bags among food brands and customers is at the top. Such bags are preferred more because of their hygienic characteristics, ease of use, and overall high popularity.  

 What’s more, several other effective food packaging trends are remarkably transforming the food industry in 2022. From the personalized touch to sustainable designing of food packets, there are a variety of promising packaging trends in today’s world. In this article, you will explore the best ones among them. 


 When it comes to food packaging, minimalism is the key in 2022. Gone are the days when the packaging industry was all about extravagant and cluttered designs of food packets. In 2022, it is all about simplicity with straightforward labeling and packaging process. 

 The experts believe that minimalism and simple packaging are not just for 2022; they will also stay here in the future too. Why minimalistic food packaging has become so popular nowadays is because it helps highlight the real value of the products. If you opt for minimal food packaging, you will not overpower your customers with flashy images and artwork. And this will help you attract more people. For modern customers, less is always more. 

 People have seen a lot of extravagant design packaging over the last few years. So, they are overwhelmed now. In this scenario, if you give them a minimalist look, they will get a fresh vibe and, in turn, love your brand! 

Takeaway: Keep your food packaging designs simple, subtle, sophisticated, and confident. 


  • Technology-Centric Food Packaging

 Software is in every sphere of the world now, and food packaging is no different. Technology is helping food businesses to create an engaging virtual experience for their customers. Smart tools like Near Field Communication (NFC), QR Codes, etc., assist enterprises in giving access to their customers to gather more information about the food products they sell. Moreover, NFCs are helpful for tamper protection when it comes to food packaging. Technology is also helping to boost the aesthetics of food packaging.

 So, in 2022, the smartest technologies are taking over the food packaging industry like never before. You must buck up if you have not yet leveraged the modern technologies to transform your food brand! 

 Takeaway: Incorporate smart technologies in your food packaging.


  • Portable Food Packaging 

 The lives of modern humankind are getting busier with each passing day. People are moving around all the time. So, if they can carry their food 外賣到會 with them, it is a huge advantage.

 In relevance to this scenario, food packaging has become more portable in 2022. Have you seen the McBike packaging by McDonald’s? Isn’t it cool? It helps bikers effortlessly carry their foods and drinks attached to the handlebars of their bikes.

 Takeaway: Let your food packaging make your food easy to carry.  


  •  Vintage Food Packaging with a Modern Touch

 The Retro and Vintage packaging is still in style. However, it has got a modern online dimension now. In 2022, food brands are innovating the classic experience of retro food packaging for customers by using QR codes. 

 So, it is possible to make your food packaging unique and remarkable for your customers while leading them to feel a vintage vibe. You can do that not just by adding QR codes,  work creatively on the design structure and functional features of your food packaging. It will surely have an amazing impact!  

 Takeaway: Make ‘Vintage + Modernism’ your food packaging formula. 


  • Anti-Counterfeit Food Packaging

 Do you think counterfeit products are only common in the fashion apparel industry? Well, it is not like that. This issue exists in the food industry as well. The food manufacturing and processing industries have been struggling to solve this problem. 

 But in 2022, the situation has improved. As QR codes are now attached to most food packages, it is helping to track and point out counterfeit food products. It’s a wonderful transformation. Right?


 Takeaway: Do smart packaging to avoid food counterfeiting.


Wrapping Up

 Are you following the above modern food packaging trends of 2022?

 If you want to become a successful brand in the food industry, you need to do this without fail. Stick to the most effective ways of food packaging, and your brand will surely touch new heights!

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