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Force Google to Crawl and Index Your Website (Rank Higher in Google – SEO 2020)


SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.” 

Indexing in google provide tons of traffic for those who are just beginning their journey in blogging and for others too. But the problem is google hardly crawls the new website i.e it crawls website in interval of 4-7 days. It hurts to wait so long to being indexed in google although we have very unique article or post. But what if we can force google to crawl and index your website? It sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Today in this post we are going to discuss about a method to force google to crawl and index your website. Without any delay lets enter into the topic.

Pro tips: You need some decent hosting plan also to make google crawl your website. If you are confused about which hosting to choose here is the great article by MangoMatter Media  which I suggest everyone to read.

Steps to Force Google to Crawl and Index Your Website

Step 1:

Create account in Google Webmaster tool / Search Console and add your website (property).

To add a website:

  1. Click the property selector dropdown in any Search Console page.
  2. Select + Add property on the dropdown and type the URL of the site or subsite to create as Search Console property. Specify the URL of your property exactly as it appears in the browser bar, including the final / mark. See What URL should I use? below for more details. Note that you must be able to prove that you own the site or section of that site.
  3. In the verification popup, select a verification method to prove that you own the site and follow the verification instructions on the page. Google-hosted sites (such as Blogger or Sites pages) are automatically verified. Learn more about verification.
  4. If your site supports multiple protocols (http:// and https://), you must add each as a separate property. Similarly, if you support multiple domains (for example,, and you must add each one as a separate site. Additional steps:

[Copied from Google official Forum]

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Step 2:

After adding property go to Crawl>Sitemaps and add your sitemap there.

Then Click on Add/Test Sitemap and paste link to your sitemap there.

Step 3:

Now that we have added our sitemap its time to force google to crawl the website. For this go to Crawl>Fetch as google.

Step 4:

Then click on Fetch and wait for some time. After that click on Request indexing.

Solve Captcha and select Crawl this Url. Then click on Go and You are done.



If you followed this article properly you will be able to see your website indexed in google after couples of hours.

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