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Today we’re going to talk about Andromo which is a freeware android app developer for Android and IOS that allows you to make cross-platform apps that can work on mobile phones, tablets, browsers, and more. 

You can make native apps that work on both Android and iOS by using Andromo without writing any single line of code isn’t exciting. 

So far it has been used by over 10,130,000 developers across the world, and it is the best of the bunch that allows you to make apps quickly and easily without coding.

Andromo, a free online Android app maker tool, was released for download recently and to create lots of premium applications free of cost. 

Free Android Creator

This is a community-driven tool and does not require any payment. It is available for all android phones and tablets. 

The app allows developers and users to write applications for the android platforms including tablets.

Applications can be written for 3 popular categories of smartphones which are listed on the app’s download page:

Andromo’s community consists of approximately 500 contributors who have uploaded more than a thousand apps and games.  

The app’s developer, Andromo Inc, is a company based in New York, which has been developing applications for devices like the iPad. 

The app’s creator, Anthony Le, states, “Andromo is the first tool to empower developers to create simple & premium  apps that include customizable colors, themes, fonts, and the ability to organize information on a device without any code.”

Some people say that there’s no app developer for Android anymore. I can’t think of a better business model than that.

As the size of smartphones gets bigger and bigger, it’s more and more difficult to stand out and get people to know your brand, let alone install your app. 

Sometimes, the mobile app industry is a lot like driving a race car. There are people that stand out from the crowd like Mario Andretti, Danica Patrick, and Formula 1 drivers – but who are the rest? 

Andromo is one of the best app builders which most android developers use to save their time by writing codes andromo let you create any type of android application without writing any single line of code, which could save your business from unnecessary market changes or competition, people want a taste of what they’ve come to love on other devices.

Best app maker for android

Android’s search-driven app store is alive and kicking, but it’s also constantly evolving. Where one app maker ends, another starts, and the race for best app maker for Android has begun in earnest.

Andromo is one of the makers of the more recent app to launch for the Android platform, and its app, Andromo, has already begun to rocket up the charts to no. 11.

Andromo is available for free, though you’ll need to buy a “lite” version to unlock all of its advanced features.

After installing Andromo, you’ll need to pick one of the 40 available themes to start. 

Then, you’ll need to log in to your Google account to unlock all of its cool features, which include turning the app into a virtual photo booth, creating a personal photo wall, integrating several social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Flickr, and Vimeo), recording videos and creating collages, browsing your collection of images in different t and viewing stats about your photos.

But most popular on the app store are games, like Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run 2, and Clash of Clans, which offer free games that most people are willing to pay a small amount for in the store.

Andromo has different collections of games as well. There’s a selection of single and multiplayer games, as well as some tutorials for games.

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Andromo also includes a game builder, which lets you create games from scratch or as a simple tutorial. While most of the games listed have a specific price (as of October 2018), the games are free, like Pokemon GO and Guitar Hero.

Andromo is one of the most popular Android apps for games, with more than 100,000 downloads and about 100 ratings on the store.

Weekly rankings for games on Andromo

Games on Andromo

To see the popularity rankings for the games on Andromo, visit the list on the main page.

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