Free Netflix Account – 2020 Working Trick

    We all know about Netflix, it provides on demand video streaming services such as movies, TV shows, series etc. online. Tired of fake click-bait sites by searching google for getting a free Netflix account username and password ? well in this guide, i’ll show you how to create a Netflix account for exclusively free. By this trick you can create multiple free Netflix account easily for free.

    Note: Nothing is absolutely free in this world. So free means at dirt cheap price i.e around 0.5$

    Create Free Netflix Account 

    This trick is truly free. But you’ll need to spend just 0.5 USD for this. Don’t think too much, let me show you how to do this. First we’ll purchase a virtual debit visa / master debit card.

    There are many websites that provide free virtual card but the problem is we can’t use free virtual card in some premium websites like Netflix. So we will purchase a virtual card which contains some balance.

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    When we google and search “purchase virtual visa card” we end up with different website that provides 10$, 15$ virtual card but the price of the card is very high we can say double the price of the balance.

    Why bother purchase these expensive card to use trial in Netflix (not in netflix but in any websites). After alot of research we the member of TechRim family found a website which sells virtual visa card at 0.5$ which contains 0.1$ balance. It seems the card cost 5 times the balance it holds but think this can can be used to use netflix 1month trial. So you can get 1month netflix account at 0.5$ not only netflix but any other accounts which provides free trial to users.

    Note: These cards are designed for US merchants.

    Here’s the link for site to purchase the card:

    Hope you enjoy this article. If you need anything from the TechRim family. Then simply comment down below

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