Game For Peace : New Chinese PUBG

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Hey fellas! Welcome to our site . This article is on the new Chinese alternative for Player Unknown’s Battleground mobile version i.e Game For Peace. Well, as we all know China banned PUBG some times ago. But for Chinese players, there is a new game to play which is basically PUBG. But, it is supposed to have low violence as the name suggests.

Online battle royale games are extremely popular these days. On the top are the games like Fortnite, PUBG , Apex Legends, etc. Along with the PC games, mobile battle royales are also extremely popular. And PUBG mobile is the most popular mobile game in Asia.

So, it’s obvious that PUBG was also popular in China. So, Tencent decided to give China it’s own version of PUBG. And guess what, it’s already super popular in China earning 14 million in first 3 days of launch. It shows the craze of PUBG in form of Game for peace in China.

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