Game Servers Review

Web Game server was established in 2004. Let us tell you that review is the most leading and popular server in the market nowadays. They directly work with different developers. They feel proud when they know that they have hosted 50,000+ customers around the globe. Other than providing game hosting, this company has remarkable experience in giving high-end web hosting solutions such as

  • Teamspeak server hosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • Ventrilo server hosting

Popular game servers hosted by

Now let us see what the game server hosts popular game servers.

  • Rust
  • Counter strike 
  • Seven days to die
  • Farming simulator 2019
  • Insurgency sandstorm 
  • Call of duty; black ops ill
  • ARK; Survival evolved
  • Mine craft 

These dedicated servers work on 1000 Mbps and HDD/ SSD infrastructure. These servers have a connection of 10Gbps DDOS mitigation and 29 IP space. You can choose the already available server, or you can also customize your server. You can also upgrade it, or maybe you can send the request for its reinstallation. 

Price and cost:

They have offered a low price for their customers, and hence they are very affordable. There are many packages and price offers by the game server. For example, you can have 20% off on the initial price by using a code. Or even you can get 50% off when you buy a customer server. When it comes to payment methods, the game server gives you a variety of options. 

You can choose Paypal, credit cards, or cheques. If you have become a regular customer of, then you can pay from cleanpay. Other than this, customers have multiple options related to currencies options such as US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, South African rands, and pounds. This company is high-risk-free because they offer a five-day money-back guarantee. Although the day limit is less, at least it does not cost you money loss. 


Game server does not mention any uptime guarantee.

Data Centre:

This company is located in Matawan, which is situated in New Jersey, USA. They have different data centres located throughout the globe. They are almost present in 36 locations, and they can quickly work and switch their game servers there. Some of those areas where data centres are current are going to be discussed below.

  • Hong kong china
  • Beijing china
  • Tokyo Japan 
  • South Korea
  • Johannesburg South Africa
  • Singapore
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Sao Paulo Brazil 
  • Pune Mumbai

Customer support:

Gameserver remains active 24/7. This company provides you support on the phone, live chat, on Twitter, or email. You can also contact them through the contact of their members. You can get easier access to their member section. And there is not mentioned FAQ list.

Control panel:

Gameservers never has loose trust from its customers. They have created their panel. It does not have root access and remote desktop access. It easily allows customers to get the installation of games instantly on their dedicated server.

Some popular customer reviews:

Let us share with you some of the most popular customer reviews about game servers.

A customer said that he has been using this company for a year and never had any problem. Their customer service is speedy and fast. They are accommodating, and they respond professionally to others. 

Although he did not have any technical difficulty, he said that if he ever had this, he is sure that game server staff will be entirely available to solve all of the issues.

One of the customers was very happy by having its decent latency and its affordable packages.

Many other customers said that they had been very unsatisfied in the past from other hosting sites, but gameservers review have made them satisfied with their web hosting experience. 

Conclusion: is an internationally recognized game server hosting provider. Other than game servers, they also contain unique and valuable dedicated servers. The company is full of offering reasonable promotions and packages. It has multiple payment methods with different countries’ currencies supported system. You can get your money back in 5 days if you face any issues and problems.

Moreover, its customer support is responsive. But its website does not contain frequently asked questions and knowledge-based queries. Overall we can say that it is one of the leading and influential web hosting providers in 2021. 


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