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Gb whatsapp – Why and How to use

Gb whatsapp - Why and How to use

The most famous messaging app in India is WhatsApp. Almost every smartphone user has WhatsApp in their phone and it has around 200 million active users every month and the number keeps on going. WhatsApp was bought by Facebook and has been adding a number of features in the app which include video calling, Snapchat-like stories, a business app, and group video calls. However, the application still lacks some customization which the users may want to have in this messaging app. so if you are one of those people who want to customize WhatsApp and ultimate solution for you is GB WhatsApp.

Is gb whatsapp safe?

The very first question which the users ask is that, is GB Whatsapp Safe? Well, the new GB WhatsApp 2020 version provides utmost security but as it is an Apk file it is downloaded from third-party sources. This makes GB WhatsApp apk a bit unsafe, as downloading it from unsafe websites may harm your device. The proper answer to this will be maybe. There are millions of users who are using this app and nobody is getting banned which means that the application is not violating any values of WhatsApp. However, any modded app is unsafe for your device and privacy. Because the users provide app permission which includes access to the microphone, contact, and storage. Giving all these permissions to a third-party app is much of a risk, hence users are advised to use the application with their own knowledge and decisions. The application can be downloaded from various sources that are safe. There are many stores like ac market apk and Tap Tap which provide millions of APK files securely for your Android phones.

GBWhatsApp Features

GBWhatsApp is a mod for WhatsApp which is developed by Has.007.

This Mod lets you customize your WhatsApp up in your way like changing the appearance of the app and using amazing features. Some of the amazing features bestow the reasons that why you should use this app.

  1. Hide/disable features provide you privacy which includes blue tick, double tick, last seen the timestamp, and many more.
  2. You can view the status of your WhatsApp contacts without letting them know that you have seen their statuses.
  3. You can schedule messages for the future according you to any contact.
  4. Gb WhatsApp update – Anti Ban keeps your account safe from bans.
  5. Send videos up to 50 MB using this APK.
  6. You can Set automatic replies to messages for WhatsApp.
  7. Find messages that are revoked.
  8. Change and customize the look of WhatsApp Messenger according to you in different colors.
  9. The WhatsApp group names can be changed up to 35 characters.
  10. You can hide the “is typing” notification in the app.
  11. Any message in a different language can be translated into the app.
  12. A different set of unique images can be customized according to you as well.
  13. Status messages can be copied to the clipboard.
  14. Using the GB WhatsApp app to 600 contacts can be added to the WhatsApp broadcast group.
  15. The Mod supports over 100 languages.
  16. Do not disturb mode is also given in the app.
  17. Video calling and voice calling options can be disabled in the app.
  18. Customize chat can be created by users.
  19. Using the pattern lock individual chat can be hidden.
  20. WhatsApp stories are presented in the list format.
  21. An unlimited number of cats can be pinned using this application.
  22. GB WhatsApp location lets you change the font and appearance of messages according to you.
  23. You can also send messages to those who are not saved as your contacts.
  24. You can stream any media online before downloading them on your mobile phone.
  25. Using the app you can stand up to 90 images to any WhatsApp group for a specific contact.
  26. GB WhatsApp latest version adds on numerous new features for their users.

How to use Gb WhatsApp?

Using the GB WhatsApp is really easy but some of the features which keep on adding over time make the users a little bit confused. So we are presenting you with the steps to use the application easily.

  1. Priorto installing the application, locate the app, and open it.
  2. Chats: Here you will see the chat option. In this option, the messages sent by your friends or contacts are situated. In simple words, all the chats from your contacts are stored here.
  3. Status: This option is for status, here you can set any photo or video for 30 seconds.
  4. Calls: here you can see the voice calls are video calls sent by any of your contacts.
  5. Select contact: where you can select any contact whom you want to message.
  6. Settings: all the amazing and new features are added in the settings so you can customize your phone WhatsApp accordingly