General information about the dedicated server

A physical server is a large system unit with a processor, operating system, a large amount of memory and many other additional devices. It is stored in a specially equipped place – the data center. Physical servers require a serious system of cooling and uninterruptible power, so their content is engaged in a separate company. 

The physical server has very large resources, and often they do not need one user. Therefore, a server is divided into several services (hosting, VPS). If a user needs all the features of the physical server, you can rent a dedicated server.

Renting a dedicated server, that is, a separate machine, is one of the varieties of hosting services. This option allows one user to use all the power of the hardware, install their own systems and programs in it without the consent of the owner. This makes a dedicated server an ideal solution for many digital projects companies. And you can also save money by finding cheap hosting for servers, this is a significant expense item.

Dedicated server – why do I need it?

What is better to choose – shared hosting, vps or dedicated server – depends on your goals. Dedicated server is a suitable platform for large Internet projects, online stores. Renting a server – is a reliable platform for creating and scaling applications or game server. Also Dedicated-server is suitable for corporate customers who want to use a physical server for storing large databases.

Own server – troublesome and expensive

It is important to know that buying your own server – it is not only expensive. Such equipment needs regular maintenance, cooling, uninterrupted power supply and Internet connection. Only large companies can afford to buy such facilities. Not every organization can afford to allocate a separate room and hire specialists for its maintenance. However, more and more often even large companies prefer to rent servers.

Application of a server for computer games

A dedicated server is also called a game server, designed for use by a large number of users, on which only the server component of the game is launched.

The server part of the network game is transferred to a separate computer for several reasons. First of all, the goal is to unload the computer – if several players take part in the game at the same time, the creation of a dedicated server acts as a prerequisite for ensuring an uninterrupted gaming process. Ignoring this requirement will cause significant delays and freezes in the operation of the game program. Another reason for transferring the server part of the game to an individual computer is the organization of a playground – in this case, a dedicated server becomes a constantly working platform for a network game.

Renting a dedicated server: advantages

A significant advantage of a dedicated server in Ukraine is that users have full access to the software and use without limitation the full power of the device. Among the other advantages of renting a remote server are:

  • stability. Uninterrupted operation and preservation of power is achieved by the absence of other tenants, who can go over their limit and limit other customers’ access to hosting;
  • security. When using a remote server, customers ensure the safety of all data that is uploaded to the hosting;
  • work efficiency. To implement the project, experts can download to the server any programs, operating systems and other tools, which can not be done when renting shared hosting, for example.

All these parameters allow you to secure confidential information and maintain a consistently high speed of downloading electronic pages. When choosing hosting for a large Internet project, the question cannot even be raised whether to use a dedicated server or a virtual one. Only the first option can ensure the work of a large digital project. Such a server rental will allow you to increase the number of visitors while maintaining the site.

Webmasters note the high cost of using a physical server. However, in this case, it is possible to optimize costs by issuing a contract for the required period. Customers have the opportunity to rent a dedicated server just for a day. This is a great opportunity not to overpay for those who create one-day advertising projects.

Features of renting a dedicated server

The prices for renting a dedicated server are not fixed, as they depend on many parameters. The following factors influence the price:

  • Required power.
  • hosting volume.
  • Duration of use.

If necessary, customers can always change the tariff to a more convenient one. So, for example, at the initial stage, customers purchase a small dedicated server for games. As the project develops and its visitors increase, developers can expand the amount of required resources. This will avoid freezes, failures in the site or application during peak loads.

In a situation where the database server uses a significant amount of resources for computing, while it is impossible to run a web server or FTF server on the same machine, a dedicated server is used to host the database. Under these circumstances, keep in mind that hosting the database and the web server on separate machines allows users to access the databases while doing maintenance work on the web server.


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