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If you love thrillers, then this American Thriller, Windfall, should be on your must-watch list. The story revolves around a man breaking into a rich man’s house when the incumbent is away. However, the latter comes back a tad bit early. Here is where the thrills start. Catching up with three talented actors in one single frame is not so easy. It is sort of an experimental film that manages to entice the audience. Netflix is one of the topmost OTT platforms today. Moreover, you get to watch the best and latest content online. Now, there is some good news for all you, movie aficionados out there. Watch them offline. 

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Movie Name…Windfall 

  • Ratings: 5.7/10
  • Genre: Thriller, Crime, and Drama 
  • Directed by: Charlie McDowell 
  • Writers: Andrew Kevin Walker   and Justin Lader 
  • Cast: Jesse Plemons, Jason Segel, Lily Collins


Most viewers who are interested in the thriller genre will love this. You get to give your eyes some serious dose of entertainment with the three actors, who are pitched against one another in this movie. You will never feel a dull moment when these three prolific actors interact on screen. It is time to get the y2mate netflix video downloader to watch this movie and have some fun. So, heading straight to the billionaire’s mansion, you will come across three people who are locked up in one place. Moreover, you will find them trying to discover more about one another in this flick. The movie starts with a bang and tries to keep afloat while providing you with the entertainment quotient. 


You will get to see three characters, one of whom will not be named wandering around a large mansion set in a desert. The first man drinks orange juice and then throws the glass away outside. The audience gets to see more of him throughout. In the next scene, you will find the man rummaging through the objects in the mansion. He happens to chance upon some cash and A Rolex watch. Well! That is not all. Wait for the punch. Just as this man is about to leave, the owner and his wife come back. Now, you should not Expect some kick-ass fighting between the two people here. Both sit down for a discussion and the former trespasser gets an offer of some money. However, the rich one calls for his assistance, which will take at least 36 hours to come with the so-called ransom. So, are you looking forward to downloading netflix movies? Get ready to witness something unusual now, 36 hours seems to be a long time, and anything can go wrong in between. The Movie revolves around the rich man’s dilemma. He is not too sure why this guy came to his home, thinking no one would be there. He also recounts a list of enemies who could somehow manage to get him killed. The y2mate netflix video downloader will make this thriller a good Saturday night watch for you. 

Twists in the Tale

You must be thinking that this movie will have all the usual drama and action. Well, you should hold on to the end. It has an unpredictable ending. So, you are already aware that a trespasser, a CEO and his wife are stuck in a lonely villa together. The CEO is seen telling ‘Nobody’ the burglar, that he can escape with what he wants without hurting them both. ‘Nobody’ believes it and plans his escape when he spots CCTV cameras in the garden, which can get him caught. So, he goes back to the villa, only to find that his hostages have managed to escape. So, the cat chases the mice again and captures them, and asks for a ransom, which the CEO says, will take time to arrive. After some scuffle, both the CEO and his wife are prisoners again. In the end, when you think that the wife will save the CEO by hitting the burglar, things turn the other way. The wife kills her husband and frames ‘Nobody’. Now, you must be wondering how to download movies on netflix? You ultimately get to know that the wife was probably unhappy with the marriage and gets freedom at last. 

Final Verdict 

Plemons, as the CEO, brings a lot of energy to the narrative. He tries to hold the film together. It is true that the writers chalk out an engaging first half, but the storyline goes a bit haywire in the second. It could not build that tension very slowly so that you can get hooked. And, what happens in the end, tends to baffle a lot of people. The movie is simply impressive but slacks in parts. 


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