Get Your Hands on Free CS: GO Skins

    The attraction of free stuff and giveaways lies with the most popular games and virtual communities. The game works for CS: GO gaming enthusiasts when it comes to collectibles of the game. If one looks at the community market of Steam, that is where most of the trades happen with CS: GO collectibles. There are promotional schemes that often have free giveaways as incentives and one such category is the giving away of skins.

    How it is Implemented?

    There are different ways that free skins are given away and these are implemented by different mechanisms.

    • For instance, there are giveaway events arranged by CS: GO streamers who do it on YouTube or other platforms and sell CS: GO skins for PayPal. Here one can get such giveaways by becoming members or subscribers to the communities.
    • The other way is to look up quest boards; these also award free CS: GO skins to players or in return for completing certain tasks.
    • There is another way to get your hands on free skins; one simply needs to wait for weekly case drops or skin giveaways when you are a regular gamer; when a player reaches new ranks they get awarded with new skins as well.
    • Here are details on each of these methods.

    Free Weekly Drops

    This is an organic and easy way that players can get their hands on free skins. Those who play the game are able to benefit from these drops though there are certain requirements they need to meet. For instance, community servers one can play on where one is not limited to competitive games or official servers. However, the server needs to be ‘Valve Anti Cheat’ which ensures that players can get drops. Drops can be 4 in a week and one has to play with another player and not just with bots. Among four drops there is one that is a rank up while three are given at random.

    The positive aspect of this method is that the skins are given for free. Most drops are instances where you need to buy a key as well if you wish to open them. The chances of landing a valuable and rare skin are also low in such instances.

    Free Skin Offers from Walls

    There are different websites that offer rewards for different tasks to be fulfilled. They are known as offer walls that list out quests for players to fulfill. The tasks are easy and quick, simple ones such as visits to a website, subscribing to an email address. It could also be something that requires more effort such as the installation of a mobile game or playing the same for a period of time, reaching a certain level or score. The offer walls comprise of free skins as rewards for completing such tasks. Offer walls of a certain category are about competitive games where one can find a good collection of free CS: GO skins where you sell CS: GO skins for PayPal. The offer walls work with internal currencies like points, coins, and gems. The points are gathered from orders and need to be exchanged for items from the stores at these walls.

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    This is another way to get your hands on free CS: GO skins. Many CS: GO streamers organize lotteries as well as YouTubers who are enthusiastic about the game. Many websites even cater to players of this game; some go pro gaming as well and provide such items as a way to boost up popularity. To gain such freebies all that a player needs to do is gain access to the lottery. This is usually possible by owning a Steam account or a social profile such as accounts on Twitter, YouTube, and others. This is possible by using email address.

    In many cases, the systems are ticket controlled. For instance, members or subscribers need to perform certain actions that get them tickets. Every ticket is a share of the probability of being a lucky winner. Free giveaways of such skins are an incentivized method that is often found on offer boards.

    There are organic and small giveaways that happen through social media. For instance, one can simply search for ‘#CS: GOskins’ or ‘#giveaway’ which is easy ways to find free skin giveaways and lottery events.

    Different Kinds of Free Skins

    As it becomes evident, the free skins of CS: GO that are usually given away have low actual values. There are certain websites where one can find them as well as walls where skins of decent value are rare. It is best to opt for game credits or other kinds of contests where the probability of landing rare or high-value skins is higher. The websites where you need to put in action such as log-in and register for an account, share posts on social media or play a game lead to the probability of landing skins of variety.

    In general, when you get free skins these are of low value. The weekly drops do include some unique collectibles but the occurrence is low. The economy of CS: GO works on valuable trade of the skins of high value; hence, one can only expect to find basic skins when they are being offered for free.


    Those who are on the lookout for CS: GO skins for free and with variety need to be in the game. Those games are put in the time would find themselves participating in weekly drops. These usually include basic but some varied ones as well. On the other hand, YouTube or gaming community giveaways are usually promotional offers, meant to attract new gamers. For that reason, the stuff given are usually basic, to help gamers realize what kind of items one can collect when they play the game.

    The offer boards and gaming promotional portals are good to visit when you wish to start knowing about the game, collectibles it offers and so forth. However, the rare and high-value items are worth playing for and finding on trade platforms like Skin wallet or Steam. The transactions are secure since they are between platform members whose items are verified and accounted for.

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