Getting a Reliable Internet Connection

The year 2020 has taught us so many things, the basic being that everything and every individual is dispensable. We found out that every other activity could be done online. Never in my dreams did I ever thought of having a dental appointment on the web, and yet it happened and now I know I do not need to miss my client meetings for that anymore. From online yoga to online counseling, we have found it all on the web. While everything has centered around the internet now, the significance of the technical and technological world has grown exponentially.

During the last whole year, almost 493 new members entered the list of world billionaires and one can only imagine that most of these billionaires owe their success to the internet since the entire world was quarantined. Most people came to know about their hidden potentials and some even learned new skills. Even I learned vegan cooking and have launched my homemade brand, just last month. Thankfully, my connection with Optimum internet made it a whole lot easy for me to continue on the path of personal learning and development. However, I had to switch through so many providers to land this good one, which is ironic since the features of a good and reliable internet connection are not that varied. As such, I have written this article to ensure that everyone knows the nooks and crannies of a reliable internet connection.

Here are the factors that you need to consider to get a reliable internet connection:

Check the availability

Contrary to popular belief, not all internet service providers offer services in all states and cities. For this matter, the most critical first step is to find out about the ISPs available particularly in your area. Now, you do not need to get your facemask on and hitchhike to find the service stations of these providers; you can just get assistance from sites like You can get a detailed report of all the internet service providers and their plans available to you just by entering your postal code.

Find out about their speed and technology 

Different internet providers offer different technologies. For instance, many ISPs offer cable, satellite, and a fiber internet connection and so you need to be aware of all the technologies they offer before committing to one. People who are working or studying from home require stable, high internet speeds, and if you belong to this class, you should invest some time in understanding the speed and technology levels of the available internet providers.

To find out the details about internet speeds and technologies, you can contact the internet providers you like or go to their websites. This exercise would allow you to understand your needs in a better way and so you will be able to get an internet plan that fits you.

Furthermore, be aware to understand the dynamics of internet speeds. More often than not, internet providers use puffery to advertise their internet speeds, which means that you might not be getting what you think you might. As such, you need to be mindful when discussing your bandwidth requirements. Another thing to consider is that most ISPs only market their download speeds and not the upload speed rates; if you belong to the group of people who need to upload content often, you should get a plan that assists your job.

Price and Transparency

There is no doubt that price is a deciding factor for many. When it is time to choose an internet provider or plan, most people go for the one that costs the least. This can work for a huge lot of people; however, those who use the internet heavily should get a plan that works for them.

Once you are confident of your choice of the ISP, your next task is to understand the Service Level Agreement thoroughly. SLA is the main contract that holds your entire relationship with your internet provider and so it is always better to know what it holds before signing it. Look out for all the charges (hidden and otherwise) mentioned in the contract.

Customer Support

You are going to fall back a lot on the customer service team of your internet provider. There can be technical issues, occasional internet failures, billing discrepancies, and whatnot – and so if your ISP’s customer support team is not proficient, it can be a problem. Ensure that you get to read customer reviews of your preferred ISP before signing the contract.

Summing it Up

I have pinned all the important aspects that you should be aware of to get a reliable connection. A reliable internet connection, alongside all the above aspects, is consistent and stable. If your current connection does not allow you to depend on it, you should switch to a better one immediately.

the authorABHIYAN
Abhiyan Chhetri is a cybersecurity journalist with a passion for covering latest happenings in cyber security and tech world. In addition to being the founder of this website, Abhiyan is also into gaming, reading and investigative journalism.