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Hat hunting is an exciting activity as you get another unique accessory for your fashion collection. However, it turns overwhelming for people with bigger head sizes. The standard hatmakers don’t offer all the generous size caps, and these are more available in select stores or only on custom orders. Hats for large heads are those head accessories that have a large crown circumference. Do not confuse wide brim hats (Panama hats) with large hats.

Finding the right fit is significant. Hats are just like any piece of apparel; you cannot compromise on the size. An ill-fit cap is just like poor-fit jeans or a blouse. When you buy a standard hat for your large head, it might be too tight and uncomfortable. Similarly, knowing that your head is bigger and opting for the largest available size will not solve the issue. Measure the head correctly before shopping and make an intelligent choice.

When you take your accessories very seriously, proper care is a must. You have a classic collection of hats and are always looking for ways to keep those clean. Maintaining elegant headcovers in the original shape and style is challenging. You can always go wrong with the care and storage methods. Here are some simple approaches to give that extra love to all the beautiful accessories in your wardrobe.

Give care, keep clean, adorn in compassion

Yes! It depends on what material the hat is and also what its age is. It is imperative to understand that the older the hat is, the more care it will require. Try not to chuck the hat in the washing machine or tumble dryer. When you identify that your favorite accessory needs cleaning then, stick to the label. Each hat comes with tags that will give the details of the fabric and washing instructions. Some require gentle wash; some will go in a machine wash, and some simply brushing – every headcover is unique.

Feel the fabric before heading for any cleaning solution. You can have a headcover that combines unconventional materials, and each requires other cleaning methods. The one cleaning solution cannot do justice to all the different fabrics. Wool, straw, cotton, leather, cardboard, polyester, and suede are a few examples of famous hat materials.

Be gentle and prefer using hands

You can start by removing all the bits and bobs from the hat. Some hats might have brooches and feathers or chains as attachments; removing them before cleaning is better.

It is better to do a small test of solution cleaning on the hats, especially on leather and suede that tend to spoil when not appropriately treated. Use a small amount of water (not too hot and not too cold) and slowly rub the surface using a white muslin cloth. You can use a mild soap (unscented) to clean the stains and dry marks.

Clean in a circular motion and do not rub the surface harshly. You can also check with the professional hatmakers for any specific cleaning solution and use the same. Discoloration and patchy appearance are common issues you may encounter if you are too tough on caps. Avoid using bleach and soda for cleaning the stains that won’t go even after constant rubbing. Cotton, linen, wool are a few fabrics that are easier to handle. You can also soak the hat in warm water for some time before removing the stains.

Never leave the hats neat, extremely hot, or cold machines like radiators and air conditioners. The extreme temperature will not only ruin the shade but also spoil the shape of the hats. Pat dries the wet hats with a plain white towel and air dry later. You may lose the original form of caps when you leave them in tumble drying.

Machine wash for tougher hats and stains 

Some hats do not lose their original shape, and if the washing instruction says it is safe to machine wash, you can try it. Use a very gentle soap solution and understand the cleaning instructions thoroughly. Remove all the embellishments and keep them aside before washing.

Use a laundry bag to secure the hat inside before washing safely. Baseball caps, straw hats, and synthetic Panama hats are suitable for machine wash. Do not run for longer washing cycles and prefer gentle rounds of washing.

Air dry all your head accessories and avoid using the hot drier to get quick results. You will lose the original color and shape in an extreme heat drying system.

Classic or new – Invest in hat cases 

Taking care of the classic hats or the contemporary ones is always tricky. Invest in special boxes and head accessory organizers to keepsake the extraordinary fashion piece. You can always use one large box to tuck in 3-4 big head hats. Always keep the boxes near the outfits for easy access, preferably in the handbags and footwear section. Enjoy the OTT care of hats.

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