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Grammarly premium free – Does it still exist in 2019?


Grammarly is an app that automatically detects potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in writing. 

Grammarly is one of the most have app for the students, content writer and other people for whom grammar is important. It’s premium version will cost you around 12$ and business version will cost you 15$. However, you can get its free version also which do a pretty good job. Let’s not talk about its free version let us discuss its premium version. Before I have posted a different article on How to get free Lynda account and .edu email. I have done different research on getting Grammarly premium free. I got different methods to do it but the question is do they still work in 2019 or not? Let us discuss it.

Here are the different methods to ger Grammarly premium free:

Method 1: Grammarly Premium Free Trial by writing review

  • First, create new Grammarly Free Account clicking here.
    Note: If you don’t know how to create a Grammarly Free Account, look on “How to create a Grammarly Free Account?” portion at the top.
  • Write proper email explaining “why you need Grammarly Premium Free trial?”, “where are you going to publish your Grammarly review?”, “how will your review reach the large audience?”.
  • Send your email to Grammarly Team via their facebook, twitter or support forum.
  • If they believe your review can reach a broad audience & helps them to grow their sales, then they will provide you Grammarly Premium Free Trial for certain days.

Does it still work?

I have tried this method many times but got no success in it. So, I think this method doesn’t work in 2019. Comment below if this works for you.

Method 2: Using

: Using

This method was well working before some months but their website is not responding at the time of writing this article. So this method also doesn’t work in 2019.

: Grammarly Premium by free login credentials and access code

The most common method that you will see everywhere on the internet is free login credentials and access code. However, getting Grammarly Premium for free using free login credentials and the access code is almost impossible.

Method 4: Grammarly Premium by Grammarly Referral Program:

Grammarly Referral Program was dead a long time ago, so if someone gives you the easy trick of getting Grammarly Premium by a referral then its time to move on.

That’s the methods that I have tested and found out that Grammarly premium free is nearly impossible in 2019. So if you want to get it for a low price then create a group of friends purchase business plan and divide the amount among friends. And at last, I found most of the website posting the accounts login id and password saying its premium account. Don’t fall for it, its fake accounts and it will never work. If you comment it doesn’t work they claim that someone has changed the password.

If you guys have any working methods to get Grammarly premium free do comment below we will add that article in our website 🙂

If you need Grammarly premium account then we can provide you it at 10$ each (Such account will run smoothly for more than a year). Just send your payment at PayPal and write your email address at the transaction note we will send you login details within 24 hrs.


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