Grow Long and Thick Eyelashes Using Careprost Eyelash Serum

Eyelashes – normal hair surrounding the attention. The visible part is that the hair shaft, the invisible part is that the root. The latter is placed under the skin and ends during a follicle. The quantity of hair follicles essentially determines the possible number of eyelashes. In practice, however, two-thirds of the hair follicles are dormant, and two-thirds are active. What number of eyelashes grow doesn’t depend upon the proportion.

On average, there are 150–250 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and 50–150 on the lower eyelid. The upper ones’ length is slightly longer – on the average 10 mm, the lower ones – 7 mm. The thickness of the hair depends on the race and shape of the follicle.

From here, it’s clear that the length, thickness, and average number of eyelashes are genetically determined and can’t be changed. It’s impossible to grow eyelashes longer than suggested by the gene program.

How long will my lashes grow back?

The typical lifetime of a hair is 90 days. it’s divided into 4 phases:

the active growth phase lasts 14–21 days;

rest phase – 28–56 days;

the remaining time – 62–34 days-is when rejection and preparation for brand spanking new hair growth.

You can influence the difference between a hair’s lifetime and also the duration of all 4 phases. All care methods have supported this possibility. It’s impossible to control the lifetime, so all how promise to extend the amount and length of eyelashes in a very week are a lie.

Reasons for losses

As a rule, someone doesn’t notice a “planned” eyelash change, even as he doesn’t see a hair change. The key is that there’s always an optimal ratio of sleeping to working follicles in a very healthy state, and it seems that the new one is prepared to interchange the loss of hair.

However, this pattern may be disturbed then thick long lashes suddenly become brittle and sparse. There are lots of reasons:

poorly selected cosmetics – e.g., with a robust degreasing effect. During this case, the hair loses greasy – natural protection that results in dryness and brittleness. As a result, they are doing not fall out, but break off, which doesn’t affect the looks of the latest ones;

mechanical injuries – burns, too long exposure to the sun, the way of frequent and robust rubbing of the eyes. All this results in premature drying and hair loss. After the break, the new cilia don’t appear until the correct time, and so the difference between the existence phase and the rejection phase is too significant. How long new ones grow depends on the conditions: within the absence of traumatic factors, eyelashes are restored relatively quickly;

diseases – many ailments cause a deterioration of the nutrition of the hair follicles. During this case, growth slows down, and a few bulbs move into “sleep” mode. they can not be strengthened without treating the underlying disease;

stress – during this state, peripheral circulation worsens; that is, the hair follicles receive insufficient oxygen and nutrition. Unfortunately, neither cream nor oils will help with this condition.

Behind the fascination for long, full lashes could be a long and murky history. Today the market is flooded with products that promise miraculous lash growth and fall within the same category as regular lashes; however, at, we would like to tell our readers about why we predict it’s far better to use a proper lash with a real brush and an honest cosmetic formula than to resort to alternative products that promise miraculous growths.

The history of eyelash growth products dates back to the launch of a product that claimed to possess an “eyelash growth factor,” and although it visually made the lashes thicker, more robust, and black because it was used it regularly began to cause side effects like macular edema (inflammation of the retina) and uveitis (inflammation of the eye), which might cause decreased vision. And therefore, the truth is that the famous “factor” doesn’t exist, and also the product contains ingredients not suitable for cosmetic use like careprost and Bimat.

What are these mysterious ingredients, and what are the adverse effects?

To make a protracted story short, what was being done was distributing a product with an ophthalmic drug-like  Buy careprost

intended for one more use and has side effects that ought to be consulted with specialists as a harmless cosmetic product.

There are still, in many parts of the planet, products with the identical promise that use substances like Super lash and Bimat to exchange careprost Eye Drops, they also produce equally damaging effects on users:

  1. Iris tone modification
  2. Unwanted pigmentation within the treated skin area
  3. Irritation and itching and cloudy vision
  4. Changes in normal eye pressure.

The incidences of such side effects, although they need not been widely reported, require that we as users be better informed, so if you think that the merchandise you’re using to grow your eyelashes has unwanted effects otherwise you notice something strange when using it, we recommend suspending its use and move to the doctor.


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