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What are guest posts?

Guest posting means writing and publishing your blog article on someone else’s website or blog. Each published article contains a mention of the original author and a landing page leading to her own website or blog. It is an effective SEO practice that targets the building of brand awareness while at the same time generating traffic. The websites and blogs chosen for guest posts are those which have similar audience as your blog so that the leads funnelled through the sites become good ones.

Apart from exposing your brand, and building relationship and links, one other benefit of guest posting is that it gives you the chance to build yourself as an authority in your industry through your contributions. Since links are a major search engine ranking factor, it makes the practice very effective.

Guest posting benefits all the parties involved. It allows the blogger to publish well-written and relevant content for her audience, the audience benefits from the content of the post and the guest poster gains links and an opportunity to tap into the blogger’s audience.

Benefits of guest posting for SEO

  • Guest posts expose you to instant traffic from targeted users. Once your post is of high-quality, users would want to look your site up and see more of what you have to offer.
  • It promotes social media shares and thereby enlarging your online reach.
  • It builds on your online authority and soon positions you as the go-to place for any industry solution.
  • Increases your social media following.
  • The agreement between the writer and the blogger is that the latter can leave at least one link to their site. This helps you build your backlink profile.
  • It helps you grow your network. Most sites accepting guest posts foster a relationship between all the contributors who also share the same niche. That way, you get to interact with others in your niche and exchange ideas.

What makes a good guest post?

Guest posting is a unique aspect of content writing. While the intention is to push your own brand, it requires you to put that aside and educate your audience. Therefore, a major feature of a great guest post is the ability to educate without promoting. If you start selling on your post, the blogger will probably never publish it. In the event that it gets published, it will not perform well and consequently not help your page rank in any way. Instead, rich guest posts make relevant contributions to a large audience who is interested in what it has to say.

Also, just as important as it is to educate your new audience, a good guest post first matches the blog audience’s interest. So while there are many blogs to submit your guest posts, you should ensure what you wrote and the interests of your audience align.

Like every good copywriting, a characteristic of an awesome guest post is that it is proofread properly. The blogger has built her audience so they are doing you more of a favour than you are doing them, which means they probably wouldn’t want to waste their time editing and proofreading your entry.

Facts about guest posts

Regardless of the fact that the practice of guest posting has been around for quite some time, its demands and application continue to change. Initially, shorter posts were preferred but now, lengthy is better. Best practice is to create posts between a 1,200 to 2,000 words as opposed to the common 500 word counts churned out before. This is because more words mean more information and greater insight into the topic.

One of the most commonly made guest post writing mistakes is the presence of overly rich keyword anchor texts. These are the texts that have a hyperlink attached to them. They are important but people tend to go overboard with them. You will read lines with lots of “effective”, “affordable”, “things”,” how to”, “optimised”, and so on. While these keywords are at the heart of content writing, they make for terrible reads for your readers and alienate them from your writing.

Frequently asked questions about guest posts

How long is each guest blog post?

There is no standard word length. The length varies according to the regulations of the target blogs and the topics. But the minimum word length we write for guest posts is 500.

Will my website be penalised in any way?

Our personal relationship with the bloggers your guest posts would be published on ensures they are published just like the content we write ourselves.

Can guest posts help my SEO?

Given that inbound links are the best ways to influence your ranking, we use guest posting to build on that. Each guest post contains at least 2 links with a landing page to your site. Our guest posting service allows you to provide the anchor text we get to use. But we can always cover that if you don’t have any in mind.

How many links are included?

We include an average of two links which is what most websites will accept on the guest posts. We incorporate the links with rich keywords which are going to be naturally added to the body of the post without disrupting its flow.


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