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Hack the Hacker: 7 Webcam Safety Tips for your Security


Today there are cameras everywhere. Every device we’re using has a webcam on it. And, as fun as it is to pull up your Ipad and click a selfie with your buddies, it also puts you at risk of being watched every minute of every day.

We have seen many cases of webcam breaches in recent times. It is worrying to a degree how unaware people are about webcam safety in general.

So, we are bringing you some of the easiest tips to follow so you can protect yourself from webcam hackers.

If you are someone who has to rely on computers and has monitoring devices throughout your home and living area, you are very susceptible to a potential webcam breach.

So if you want to know how to keep yours and your loved one’s privacy secured, just read along.

1.   Cover your Webcam

So, the obvious first step is to cover your webcam. Some people black out their webcams with sharpies but that is counter-productive. The webcam is there for a very practical purpose and if you completely black it out, it will ultimately be an inconvenience to you.

Instead, we recommend a webcam cover. They are widely available in amazon and even local tech service stores. It’s a small price to pay for sustainable peace of mind. And, be sure to slide the cover on your webcam every time you’re using your device.

For instant cover-up, a piece of craft tape or a post-it is also fine. Make sure to dab the tape on your hands first so it’s not too sticky to damage the webcam. And, for post-its, cut them in thin strips so it doesn’t flop on your screen while you’re working.

2.   Update your system

We cannot stress this enough. Windows and macOS systems update very frequently. Be sure to catch up on any missed updates. A weak or outdated operating system is most likely to be more vulnerable and easy to hack. So, stay on top of your game with the latest updates on all your devices.

3.   Update your webcam software

Your webcam software is more than likely to be outdated. Most people do not pay much attention to updating their webcam software and that’s why it’s often the easiest software to breach. Make sure you have the latest updates so your device is secure.

If you have a baby camera installed in your house, make sure to change the default username and password. Otherwise, it is all too easy to get access to your monitoring devices registered on the same network.

4.   Update your password

Some monitoring devices will have dedicated Softwares that requires you to have your user account. I.e. nest cam. These camera Softwares always have a default setup account name and password. Once the device is set up, you should promptly change your password.

And, do not repeat passwords. Make sure the password is standard. Use both lowercase and uppercase letters and symbols. Throw in a few numbers in the mix. And, update and change your password every few months.


5.   Diversify your passwords

It is always wise to have different passwords for different devices and Softwares. If someone hacks into your computer, they can access the password that you use for that device. But, if you use the same passwords for your monitoring devices across the house, you are basically giving up your security on your own.

Always set different passwords on each device and change them frequently.

6.   Beware of Malware

Malware is the biggest culprit when it comes to webcam hacking. Be very careful about what you download on your device. If you are redirected to fishy links that require downloads, it is most likely malware. Malware hacks your system and passes that data to the hackers for possible breach.

You should keep your antivirus up to date. On your windows pc, always have the firewall active. If you ever see a threat on the windows firewall, take action and get rid of it as soon as possible.

Install a good anti-malware on all your devices for further security.

7.   Be Careful with links

Links are tricky. Links are everywhere. The world right now is fueled by the power of the internet. And, a big part of that is through sharing links. You cannot possibly avoid links.

But links are also what lead you to a malware that can hack your entire system.

Seemingly harmless links such as songs, videos, even resumes can be a disguise for a hacking link. We’d advise you to always have your antivirus working on all devices. But at the same time, it is best to access new links in your browser’s incognito mode.

And before you download anything from any link, always make sure your computer’s protection is on.

8.   Pay Attention to Threats

If there’s new login information that your google accounts in notifying you of, even if it’s your own IP, try to think carefully. When you access risky links and download corrupt files, you’ll most likely get an alert on your Gmail account. Pay attention to those and avoid putting yourself in similar situations. If your system recognizes any threats, take action immediately.

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Webcam breaches are common. But with small steps and a little awareness, we can all very easily keep our data protected. You only need to be aware of the things you access and the condition your devices are in. If you stay alert and take necessary precautions, you can rightfully protect yourself from webcam hackers.

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